The exit poll conducted in New Jersey during this week′s elections there show that Hillary Clinton would beat Chris Christie in 2016 by about four percentage points. So despite Christie′s big, double-digit win on Tuesday, it would seem that the Fred Flintstone of the GOP Establishment would find himself stuck in the old rock quarry. Ballyhooed as the Great Uniter, the chances of Christie actually beating ′Hilldog′ seem slim at best. Of course, it is far too early to say much about the 2016 presidential campaigns. In 2007, everyone thought the 2008 race for the White House would be between Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani. Look how that turned out!

hillary clinton chris christie 2016 poll

There is already talk of Christie planning to skip the Iowa caucus and the South Carolina primary in 2016 if he does run, which seems inevitable. The last guy who tried this tactic was Giuliani and look where it got him. Recently, Ted Cruz gave a speech in Iowa that earned him a long standing ovation. Rand Paul has also started to campaign there as has Marco Rubio. Still, Christie does have about two years to try to win over Conservatives, so anything is possible.

While Hillary Clinton has not yet made a formal announcement to run for president in 2016, a group calling itself Ready for Hillary has started to campaign for her nomination. Endorsements from Chuck Shumer and Harry Reid, along with cash from George Soros, gives Hillary the lead in any potential Democrat primary run. With her popular husband at her side and Tuesday′s victory of their old bag-man, Terry McAuliffe in Virginia, she could mount a strong campaign. Her biggest negatives will stem from her time in the Barack Obama administration. The ghosts of Benghazi may come back to haunt her.

So does the exit poll taken during Tuesday′s election in New Jersey, showing Hillary Clinton beating Chris Christie in 2016 by 4% mean anything? Keep in mind that Obama won the state by 17% points in 2012 and only 38% voted on Tuesday, 2013. One of the lowest turn outs for an election day in the Garden State. Had a stronger Democrat been running against Christie, his huge win may have been considerably smaller. While it is too early to say much about the 2016 White House race, if no other Democrat seriously challenges Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primaries, and we have another blood-bath in the GOP primaries, it would be hard to argue that Hillary would have a big edge on any GOP candidate.