It came to me this morning! We have the power!

Where the house, Ted Cruz and hand full of others failed, we have the power to prevail! It’s been right there in front of us all along! Ironically, it took all the lies and screw ups in the implementation bring the solution to the surface. We don’t need the gutless GOP establishment or the gutless red state democrats!

We just have to decide if we are a nation of free men and women or mere subjects to a ruling political class?

Even presidents and members of congress are subject to the laws of the land. Events of recent years however, have called that into question. For example, Obama is constitutionally obligated to protect our borders, but has unilaterally decided not to. Obama was similarly obligated to enforce the defense of marriage act, but unilaterally decided not to. Right after being elected his justice department was handed a rock solid case against members of the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation and he unilaterally decided the law didn’t apply to them. He dropped the charges.

And then there is the Congress.

It’s hard to count the number of laws they’ve either simply ignored or exempted themselves from. The American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) is one great example but there are others. Democrats like Barbara Boxer would strip you of your right to keep and bear arms in a heartbeat, but don’t doubt for a moment that SHE enjoys armed security. More recently and with great irony, they gave themselves a pass on ObamaCare. Furthermore they reserved the right to decide who else was or was not subject to ObamaCare as unions, AARP, big donor companies and other favored entities were granted waivers from that which they sought to heap on the rest of us.

Clearly then, there is precedence for various groups enjoying a degree of selectivity in terms of which laws to abide by and which not to. Now it’s our turn. Now it’s time for a bit of good ole American civil disobedience by simply ignoring ObamaCare. If we don’t go on line, we don’t sign up, we don’t enroll, what happens? The now fully exposed expense of the program will crush it under its own weight.

What ObamaCare needs to survive isn’t political cover, its money; Our money. What are they going to do if, in mass, we simply opt not to log on? Do you think they are going to jail one hundred million of us? Do you think the political class that has shown absolutely no spine elsewhere will suddenly find the political courage to punish one hundred million of us twelve months out from a major election?

All along we’ve been sitting around wringing our hands and thinking we had no political power, we were at the mercy of the efforts of our elected representatives, that we were just pawns in a game being played out way above our heads. Maybe not.

I’ve been saying since day one that ObamaCare isn’t about healthcare; It’s about power and control. It is about power they have convinced us we need to willingly hand over. It’s about the control that will be inherent in being able to dictate our healthcare options and have unrestricted access to our finances.

But what if we don’t play along? What if we find that the courage that did not exist in our political representatives still resides within the people? What if through the courage of just saying “NO”, we suddenly find we have tremendous political influence?

The ruling elitist class needs two things to lord over us, one is money, and the other is the illusion that we have no choice, no options. But remember, they have no money that does not first come from us. Our money fuels their ability to usurp our rights. Withholding that money shuts off the fuel supply. Withholding that money in mass numbers transfers the political power to us.

The point we have been missing all along as we have lost freedom after freedom is that they can take nothing from us that we don’t first willingly give up. It’s time to draw the line in the sand. It’s time to turn our numbers into power. It’s time to use our numbers to speak to power in a way that forces them listen. We’ve been saying its time to take our country back, well, here is our chance.

If Obama and congress can choose which laws to adhere to, so can we.
Let’s remind them of that starting today.