Ok, finally, a thread with no primary news. Yesterday, the ACLU aka the American Criminal Liberal Union lost a case on wire-tapping when the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday threw out a bid by journalists and professors to challenge the legality of the US administration’s wire-tapping program. The wire-tapping program, which was adopted after the September 11, 2001 attacks, allows US national security agencies to monitor suspect telephone calls and emails between the United States and overseas without first obtaining a judge’s order.

In 2006, liberal scum filed a suit against the program maintaining it violated their right to privacy, saying because they had regular contacts with the Middle East, their freedom of expression would be restrained. They specifically targetted the National Security Agency in the case which has now come before the country’s highest court.

A lower court judge (another liberal scumbag) initially ordered an end to the program immediately, but an appeals court in July overturned that ruling saying the plaintiffs had not proved that their foreign communications were being monitored.

On Tuesday the Supreme Court refused to hear the case, as usual without giving a reason, thus upholding the appeals court ruling.

Now, the House of Representatives, led by Nancy Pelosi, have refused to re authorize the program. They should have never left to go on vacation until they passed the reauthorization.

I support this program, which is constitutional. I also still have this saying – When the ACLU loses – America wins. Maybe, the ACLU can now go back to defending pedophiles, rapists, and senators engaging in pseudo-sex in public bathrooms.