The news-gossip website, Gawker, has run the true story of a Russian 18-year old girl, only known as Shatuniha, who has auctioned her virginity for some big money. According to the Siberian Times, the winner is Evgeniy Volnov, who placed the winning bid of $27,950. The Siberian teenager started off at $24,000, offering her most ′precious thing′ and agreeing to meet the winner at the hotel at Predostnaya Square. Russian police say that no laws were broken based upon the description of what a prostitute is in Russia, so Shatuniha seems to be in the clear to go forward with her plans to raise some much needed money. So is this another sign of the decay of civilization or was it a brilliant alternative to the way most women lose their virginity?

teen auctions virginity

The topic was a hot one on this morning′s edition of ′Blonde on Blonde′ of the Don Imus Show, featuring Lis Wiehl and Deidre Imus. Poor Lis was once again verbally abused by the crazy hussy Diedre, who seems jealous that she gave her virginity away for free. Lis admitted to doing so as well but seems to wish that she had something more to show for it. This prompted Diedre to basically call Lis a whore for defending the teen′s actions! But I suspect Diedre is just angry that she waited until after college to sell herself to the first wealthy, drunken, coke-head who was old enough to be her father.

So what do you think? Is the Siberian teenager brilliant for auctioning her virginity for more than $27,000? What price is sufficient for a guaranteed virgin? Is Diedre Imus a hypocrite for calling Lis Wiehl a whore while she sits there with 20 pounds of make up and plastic breasts to please her rich, elderly husband? I think its time for a Super-Beta-Prostrate commercial!