This is sure to trigger a lot of grief so I will state for the record, this is an observation, not a wish, a threat or even a prediction.

Rush Limbaugh made an interesting point yesterday that had been floating around in the back of my head but hadn’t quite come clear. Today, he defogged it.

There is a reason why conservatives have been losing since 2008. It’s because we talk and write a lot, but we don’t DO nearly enough and all too often, we don’t EXPECT to win political battles. It’s as if we are waiting on a savior to swoop in. Rush sited a couple examples and I have a couple too.

First, Rush referred to a guy he interviewed years ago who had written a book about how the radical left has taken over public education. The book was awesome and precisely detailed everything from how they re-write history in text books to how teachers are extensions of their leftist college professors. At one point in the interview, Rush asked the author, “So having written this book, how do we take back our schools?” The author seemed at a loss and didn’t understand the question.

“Well, what do you mean? I don’t think we can. I don’t have a clue how to reverse the damage.”

“Why did you bother to right the book if you don’t think there is a chance of restoring education? What did you hope to accomplish?” Rush inquired.

”I never even considered that. I simply chronicled what happened.” Said the author.

Similarly, I was chatting with a staff member of Senator Dan Coats a week or so ago. She was raining all over the Tea Party. “We can’t win because Tea Partiers are purists. They won’t seek money from big donors because they don’t want to be corrupted by the donations. Great, except that it takes lots of money to get elected and they can’t raise the money.”

Again, the implication was, they want to be heard, but they don’t really fight the fight or even position themselves to win. They are too ideologically oriented to pollute their principles and as a result, they lose. They lose honorably, but they still lose.

The left, on the other hand, does the work. They don’t have the Rush Limbaugh size audiences on radio because they don’t need them. They have the majority of the media, Hollywood and television. More importantly, they have achieved control of, for lack of a better term, the lowest common denominator. Those who, having adopted (willingly or unwillingly) the entitlement mentality, are now dependent upon and will vote for whoever is promising the most of what is left of the national treasure. Which brings us to the great conservative nightmare; the fear that we have already mathematically crossed the point of no electoral return.

So what of the two perfect storms?

On one hand we have nearly half of the country feeling like it is teetering on the brink of forever becoming a socialist state. On the other, that portion of the country who seemingly desires precisely such a state and sees Obama as the key to pushing us over the line; the one in whom all hope of a utopian society resides.

But hold on. There are cracks forming around the edges of both sides.

On the conservative side we are waking up. We are doing instead of talking. Supporters of the Second Amendment just sent two buzzards looking for new careers in the Colorado recall. Yesterday, 6 out of 11 Colorado counties fed up with having to swallow the leftist bilge from urban control points voting to secede from the state and form the 51st state. Their actions aren’t likely to actually result in secession, but anyone who doesn’t think the efforts send a powerful message had best think again.

Finally, there is the Ted Cruz lesson. Mock him if you will but something very powerful came out of that too. Ted Cruz accomplished a lot and he was just one man. Imagine how much more powerful the message would have been had the gutless wonders in the Senate backed him. Imagine 41 Senators taking a conservative stand instead of one. The entire dynamic would have changed had that been the case. The perfect conservative storm would be things getting so bad, so painful that they ALL wake up and start doing, instead of just talking.

Now let’s look at the leftist side, which is where it may get very dark, very quickly.

Obama came onto the scene like a meteor. Like him or not, he has gotten much of his agenda pushed through. He has spent what he wanted to spend, taken over 1/6th of the economy, forever changed healthcare and in the process, pushed more people to food stamps and public assistance than any previous president. Obama is the reason we are teetering on that point of no return. Obama is the reason electing a Republican president may not soon happen again. Obama has pushed the pendulum further to the left than most of us ever imagined possible, which is the reason he was able to achieve rock star status on the left. Obama has gotten the left to within sight of the promise land. The question is, what if he stalls before he can get them over it? Therein lays the great socialist nightmare.

The elitists who picked, promoted and rode Obama’s rise are not going to watch it all crumble if he loses enough momentum to stall just short of the goal line. At just a 39% approval rate, Obama runs the risk of becoming more useful as a martyr than as a used up rock star.

Far-fetched, evil and unthinkable you say? Don’t be naive.

How ironic is it that just this week there is a new book coming out promoting the notion that LBJ actually played a role in the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Were they not of the same party?

Deep in the back rooms of the NRA I guarantee you the worst nightmare envisioned by supporters of the Second Amendment is the possibility that dark figures might hand pick some angry, white, gun toting, Catholic, tea party patsy to take a legitimate shot at Obama. It wouldn’t even have to succeed to start a catastrophic Constitutional crisis. A moronic media could then easily ignite a race war, engulf the country in civil unrest and fracture whatever semblance of unity still exists. What better excuse then to justify disarming America, suspending the constitution and declaring martial law?

With the country as divided as it is and both sides fully aware of the consequences of it tipping one way or the other, potentially for decades, the stakes have never been higher. Are you sure there are none amongst us who would not to dare to trigger the unthinkable?

John F. Kennedy probably didn’t think so either.