So this Thanksgiving Day, as you gather for your turkey dinner with family and friends, will you be talking at the table about school, work, sports or some other mundane topics? If the White House and the band of liars and propagandists of the Barack Obama administration have anything to say about it, you′ll be chatting about how great Obamacare is! Hard to imagine anyone more delusional than Adolph Hitler or Josef Goebbels, but Barack ′Insane′ Obama is certainly trying to make the grade. Does he seriously think that people have nothing better to talk about than how wonderful health insurance is under his regime? So who cares about cranberry sauce or pumpkin pie? Let′s all log in to (if it is up and working) and get a slice of the Affordable Care Act The sad thing is that it does not stop just there…

obamacare turkey

A private group calling itself The California Endowment will be spending $500,000 to ′educate′ Hollywood screen writers on how to incorporate Obamacare talking points into TV series scripts. Since Obama has also usurped the Constitution last week to grab more power from Congress to battle ′climate change′, screen writers will also be instructed to inject those policy initiatives in show plot lines. We′ve seen this before as Obama has tried to use the entertainment industry on other issues, such as eliminating our Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Call it a ′soft tyranny′ or Obama a ′soft dictator′, but there is little doubt that he would like to push America over the cliff in the name of National Socialism. Fortunately, the Liberal Progressives made a mistake in selecting Obama for the job of transforming the country, since he is soft in the head. Obama has a brain full of mush after years of drug abuse and starting off handicapped by bad genetic stock. Add to that some twisted mother-complex and you have a recipe for the perfect souffle embodying both arrogance and stupidity.

So will you bend to the desires of the Barack Obama administration and obey the White House by having some Obamacare turkey-talk on Thanksgiving Day? Will you bore your family and friends by trying to convince them that the Affordable Care Act is wonderful and everyone should sign up immediately at the website? Or will you ignore the insanity, including switching channels as your favorite TV shows include Obamacare in their plot lines? Speaking for myself, I shall instead enjoy my meal as I do everyday, watching reruns of Kitchen Nightmares or Bar Rescue. Perhaps even a good holiday movie, like Donovan′s Reef. By the way, BBC America will begin airing a whole new season of Gordon Ramsay′s Kitchen Nightmares starting this Thursday night. Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!!!