Who raised a 40-foot high bronze Jesus stature in Syria? The project organizer, Samir al-Ghadban somehow arranged for a cease fire amongst the various factions as rebels battle the Bashar Assad regime. The statue of Jesus Christ was financed by the St. Paul and St. George Foundation and the project is called, ″I Have Come to Save the World.″ The group was originally known as the Gavrilov Foundation, started by Russian businessman, Yuri Gavrilov. The Jesus statue was raised upon a pedestal 105 feet high on a site at Cherubim mountain. The Christ faces Constantinople with His hands outstretched as to welcome pilgrims from the West. This remarkable event in such a troubled land should make us all wonder if peace is will ever come to a place so bloodied by war?

Jesus staute in Syria

This is an ′Open Thread′ article. You may feel free to comment on any issue you care to. I′ve chosen to pose the question if this Jesus statue in Syria is a sign that the Middle East may one day know real peace? I certainly could be writing about the latest Obamacare lies. Such as how the White House knew back in June, 2010 that some 93 Million Americans would lose their current health insurance policies and/or doctors, contrary to the repeated claims by the Barack Obama administration. The facts are in black-and-white in the National Registry. But Obama kept the lies about his ′Affordable Care Act′ going, making him the most deceitful president in the history of the United States.

Sure, we can discuss that, but I would rather focus on the Jesus statue in Syria instead. At least this is a positive development, which, unfortunately, seems to only be happening off-shore these days. Under Obama, America has become a basket case of a nation. Everything Barack Obama touches turns to poop. He is the King Midas of Crappola! Even many Democrats and some Liberal journ-o-lists are starting to figure him out and see through his veil of lies. So let us, at least for one day, think more about the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, instead of Mr. Bumbly-Obama, the King of Lies.