I have some questions to address to all those folks that voted for Obama, supported ObamaCare and genuinely expected great things from this administration. I’d like to see if its possible to get straightforward answers about Obama’s performance to date without deflections to Bush. Bush hasn’t been president for years and Bush didn’t come into office with promises of fundamental change, a plan to take over 1/6 of the economy and repeated statements to be the most transparent administration in history. Obama did.

With all that in mind, here are my questions;

Do you think it is fair, to expect Obama to launch ObamaCare for the same amount of money he sold and passed ObamaCare on?

Do you think it is fair, much less legal for Obama, having spent all those dollars getting to this point, to A.) refuse to put an estimate on the cost of correcting the failed launch? And B.) to in fact have a blank check as necessary to fix it without having to go back to congress for more appropriations?

Do you think any law passed by congress based on a specifically stated launch cost should actually be open ended and allow whatever spending is necessary to support the law?

Does it bother you that the company that built the failed ObamaCare website at a cost of $600 million has close ties with Michelle Obama and that the contract given to that company was a NO BID contract?

Does it bother you that according to no less than John McAfee, one of this country’s leading software security experts, has said publicly that a third world hacker could penetrate and gain access to the private personal information of those applying for ObamaCare?

Are you at all disappointed with Obama claiming to be the most transparent administration in history when he refuses to allow any meaningful investigation of Fast and Furious or Benghazi?

Do you have any concern for the members of Seal Team 6 or their families as a result of the administration “outing” the identities of those men, which has virtually never been done previously for obvious reasons?

Are you at all concerned about level of involvement Hillary Clinton had with regard to not sending any help to those fighting for their lives in Benghazi and her claim of “What does it matter?” – knowing she may well be a presidential candidate in the next election?

Does it concern you that while she once hammered Obama with that “who do you want to answer the phone call at 2AM when disaster strikes” line while she actually WAS the one on the phone when Benghazi called and nothing happened?

I voted for GWB but I never turned a blind eye to some of the less than brilliant things he said or did. I’m just curious to know if there are any Obama supporters who have the same objectivity. So far, I haven’t found any but I’m hoping that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. It may go a long way toward explaining why there is no middle ground anymore.