Yesterday marked the Orson Welles ′War of the Worlds′ radio drama 75th anniversary. The Mercury Theater staged their prank on the CBS radio broadcast and unknowingly caused a panic across America. People actually believed that Martians had landed in Grover Mills, New Jersey and cutting a path of destruction to New York City. The PBS series, ′American Experience′ aired a one-hour documentary about the event earlier this week. Was Welles′ trick-or-treat for Halloween in 1938 a lesson for us today about the power of mass media? Is this why Barack Obama could tell endless lies and still get reelected?

orson wells war of the worlds

I′m shocked…, shocked to learn that the Obama administration has been lying about Obamacare, Benghazi, etc. Okay, I′m not Claude Rains and this is not ′Casablanca′ and I′m not really surprised at all that Obama is a fibber. I knew he was a scoundrel when he first made his big splash in 2004 at the DNC convention. I′m not really surprised, either, that it has taken the Liberal Media nearly 5 years to figure out that Obama lies. I′d like to say I′m surprised that guys like Charles Krauthammer and George Wills didn′t realize how Liberal Obama is until weeks after he took office in 2009, but that does not surprise me, either. They are too corrupted by being part of the Beltway Inner Circle to be able to see daylight.

Orson Welles had it easy, too. As pointed out in the PBS documentary, the American public was hooked on radio as a primary source for instant news and entertainment. Just a month or so before the ′War of the Worlds′ radio broadcast, there had been the crisis in Europe when Nazi Germany wanted part of Czechoslovakia. World War Two almost started a year early until the British and French sold out the Czechs to Hitler. Welles, in his astute methodology, used the new acceptance of radio as a news medium to turn the work of H. G. Wells into a contemporary drama.

Thus, when folks tuned in after the initial opening, they did not realize that the news reports were any less fiction than live accounts of real events, such as the Hindenburg crashing in New Jersey. If a zeppelin could crash there, why not invaders from Mars? But why did so many believe it was real? Was Orson Welles and his troop of actors that good at their craft? Or are the people so stupid?

During the PBS documentary, they showed filmed interviews with people from all across America who recounted their experiences from that fateful night. One fellow in California drove far away from Los Angeles with his wife, only to run out of gas. They sat there for hours waiting for the Martians to murder them. One woman from New York City tried to flee with her sister but wound up in a local bar where men bought them plenty of drinks so they could all face the end of the world with a smile.

My favorite was one bright fellow from Notre Dame University in Indiana, whose observation should serve us as an important lesson. He questioned how stable can our form of democracy truly be when people who have the power of the vote can be fooled so easily? AH-HA!!! Now we′re getting somewhere! This guy is right on the money! I often blame Obama′s reelection on the ′No-Low-Information-Voters′, sometimes describing them as a phenomenon of the Obama Era, the Age of Stupidity. The real truth is that they have always been amongst us.

I think it was in the John Wayne version of ′The Alamo′ where he played Davy Crockett when in one scene, he meets some Texas settlers whom had come from Tennessee. The man admitted to Crockett/Wayne that he voted for the other guy to replace Crockett in Congress because a campaign worker had given him ′four-bits′, 50 cents, plus a drink of whiskey for his vote. So we′ve always had stupid people voting. But has the National Stupidity Index reached a new all-time high, so much so that democracy is doomed?

What is even worse is how guys like Charles Krauthammer thought Obama was a moderate despite everything we knew about him long before November, 2008. David Brooks was so impressed by the crease in Obama′s pants that he probably never took the time to read the Obama ′autobiography′, allegedly ghost-written by Bill Ayers. The simple fact that Obama spent 20 years at Reverend Wright′s church, listening to sermons glorifying Liberation Theology, a blending of Christianity and Marxism, meant absolutely nothing to these Beltway swells!

So yes, reflecting on the 75th anniversary of the Orson Welles ′War of the Wolrds′ radio broadcast does provide us with lessons today. A whole lot of dummies thought Martians had landed in Grover Mills, New Jersey. Just as today where millions thought Obama was telling the truth about his health care program, or Benghazi or the NSA, etc. We already see how the so-called ′wise, mature, pragmatic′ Republicans are falling over themselves to give Obama another jewel for his crown – amnesty for illegal immigrants. Oh, but we′ll secure the borders first, they say. RIGHT!!! We′ve been hearing that lie for at least the past seven years. CQ. CQ, anybody out there? Am I the last sane man alive on Earth?