Doomsday Preppers returns to NatGeo with a new episode, Take Our Country Back. We meet two new prepper families. Rodney in Alaska, who is preparing for an earthquake and tsunami, and Curt in Oregon who fears the government and the political-economic downfall of America. Both have armored vehicles along with the usual fare of food, water and guns. Rodney bought a second-hand British scout car used in Ireland from a militia group in Minnesota. The six-wheel machine comes with a turret and is capable of withstanding any small arms fire plus landmines. Curt modifies a Chevy Suburban 4×4 with a roll cage, 4,000 lb.s of armor plating and a massive armored cow-catcher. A nitrous-oxide system gives the old engine the horsepower to plow through anything. So let us see what these two families have in mind as Doomsday Preppers…

doomsday preppers take our country back
Meet ′The Something′, an armored 4×4 SUV custom built by Curt and his prepper friends in Oregon. Image Credit: National Geographic.

Rodney and his family of 3 live in Ketchican, Alaska, an island about as remote as they come. With 20 years of wilderness survival and military experience, he is ready for a potential killer earthquake and tsunami. He has 6 months of food and 5,000 gallons of water stored. Rodney earns a living as a tatoo artist and also forages for food as a scuba diver, gathering sea cucumbers on a regular basis. His wife, who also has military experience, backs him up 100%, but his 16-year old daughter, Megan is a reluctant follower. She′d rather be eating burgers with her boyfriend than do any prepping.

Rodney′s largest investment is an armored vehicle used by the British in Ireland. Bulletproof and mine-proof, the 6-wheeled tank is one piece of heavy-duty whoop-ass! They take her out regularly for gunnery practice in what Rodney calls ′Rolling Thunder′. He is also involved now in hiding caches of supplies underwater, using steel tubing cut to hold 150 pounds of bullets and MREs each. Megan helps cut some steel plates to be welded on as a base, but a metal flake scratches her eye. Mom takes her to the hospital and gets her checked out. Megan′s scratches are minor, fortunately, and after a bit, she cooperates with mom and dad in helping deploy the first cache by working the GPS unit. Rodney also builds a tank-less scuba system which can provide about 30 minutes of air at shallow depths up to 30 feet in case their boat is destroyed in a tsunami.

Somewhere on the high desert of Oregon we find Curt and his family of four. They already bugged out, or dropped out, of ′normal society′ about a year ago, buying an 80-acre spread. The home is completely off the grid with a large solar array. Curt also built his own lake holding about 2 million gallons of water. With 30 guns on hand for defense, even his 8-year old daughter has some trigger time. Curt thinks that our government is totally corrupt and headed for a crash which will drag America into total chaos.

His home is well fortified, including a 300 pound armor barrier at the top of the 2nd Floor stairway. A small hole allows for a shotgun to spray the stairway if intruders attack. But if things get really bad, Curt also has a fleet of vehicles to escape. Including his latest, ′The Something′, a modified Chevy 4×4 SUV with a roll cage, armor plating, a steel cow-catcher and a nitrous-oxide system. While his local prepper friends and he are working on the vehicle, a real disaster scenario unfolds. Off in the distance, a forest wild fire breaks out and is headed their way! Curt′s family grabs the bug-out bags, load up a large pick-up truck which tows a large camper trailer, and they disappear till the danger has passed. Returning home, its back to work on The Something. Curt wants to test his new toy on negotiating a burning obstacle. So his buddies set up a flaming barrier as Curt fires up his home-made tank. The Something easily blasts right through with no trouble.

So chalk another cool episode of Doomsday Prepper on the National Geographic Channel. Take Our Country Back was a fun episode to watch on NatGeo. Certainly better than watching Megyn Kelly complain about the Obamacare website. At least these guys know what their doing and are ready to get by without any government aid. Chalk one up for the Doomsday Preppers!