Today is the one year Superstorm Sandy anniversary. Two major storms collided, boosting the effect of Hurricane Sandy as it smashed through the East Coast, wreaking havoc in New York City, Long Island, Breezy Point, Staten Island, Belle Harbor and many other communities. Two of my favorite TV shows, Hotel Impossible, starring Anthony Melchiorri, and Bar Rescue, starring Jon Taffer, aired special episodes this week as they help survivors. Anthony went to Seaside Heights in New Jersey, where Sandy wiped out the boardwalk, including the iconic image of submerging a rollercoaster. Taffer set his sites on Rockaway, New York. While the episodes were filmed earlier this year at the start of summer, there is still plenty of devastation to be found. Tens of thousands of home owners have yet to receive money on insurance claims and despite the pledges by Barack Obama, Chris Christie and Andrew Coumo, government has not done any better in providing relief. So what can two energetic Reality TV hosts accomplish? Plenty! And they do so in just five days.

superstorm sandy anniversary
Anthony Melchiorri of Hotel Impossible, on the left, and Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue, on the right, work their magic to help survivors on the Superstorm Sandy anniversary. Image Credits: The Travel Channel and Spike TV.

Hotel Impossible did a two-parter. Last week, Anthony arrives in Seaside Heights to help the family which owns the Thunderbird Motel. He also sets another team to work on restoring the ′Baby Beach′ park near the Boardwalk for families to enjoy. But trouble emerges at the Thunderbird when Anthony questions the owner′s son, who is the General Manager, when an inspection of a room goes poorly. The family rejects further assistance and Anthony leaves to find other people who want his help.

He winds up helping out three hotels, each which needs some tweaking to be ready for the July 4th weekend. One hotel needs a cheaper design to renovate its old fashion rooms. Another needs help with their swimming pool area. The third badly needs a computerized management system to improve service and occupancy. The weather is not helping as rain causes delays in all four projects, but Anthony succeeds, with help from his teams of experts, to complete all repairs and upgrades on time.

John Taffer arrives in Rockaway just before Memorial Day weekend. His goal is to get the Bungalow Bar and Grill back in business. Despite 6 months and some $300,000 dollars spent, the place is still a gutted mess. Mainly due to the owners, a family of five brothers and a crusty old dad, not being able to agree on anything. Typhoon Taffer makes landfall and quickly forces them to commit to a course of action. They also have some delays due to bad weather, but Jon delivers them a brand new bar with a kitchen, and new menu of food and cocktails, made with premium spirits, of course! Taffer even gets help from a bar he rescued last season, Spirits of Bourbon Street, who bring a cool specialty cup that lights up when you want a refill. Another victory!

So on this one year Superstorm Sandy anniversary, it is good to see that some people are being helped and returning to normal life. But many thousands are still dealing with bureaucracy from insurance companies and government. The fortunate ones either have the juice and cash to overcome such obstacles, or get help from folks like Anthony Melchiorri of Hotel Impossible or Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue. Demonstrating once more that the greatness of America is not our government, but the American people themselves!