Has Barack Obama′s health care woes become fodder for jokes? Saturday Night Live thinks so. The opening SNL skit this week featured a spoof of Kathleen Sebelius explaining some of the Obamacare website problems. Jay Leno, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart have also taken aim at the Healthcare.gov debacle. Even some of the Liberal news media can no longer ignore the failings of the Obama signature program. ABC News ponders when Sebelius may be fired by the White House while CBS News tell us that the majority of people applying are doing so to get on Medicaid. Even CNN ran a story showing three people who found out that they will be paying much more than expected. Has the Liberal Media caught on that Obamacare is a disaster?

obama  s health care woes

What we learned this week from news accounts and the first Congressional hearing has been very bad for Obama. Not only was the website not tested until just days before its rollout, but it was crashing with as few as 200 users accessing it. On the first day it went public, it began crashing with just 2,000 users. Even the executive from CGI Federal, which was the main contractor to design the website, admitted to Congress that they would have liked to have 6 months of real testing before going public.

Speaking of CGI Federal, The Daily Caller now reports that one of Michelle Obama′s classmates from Princeton is a top exec. Could this be why the company got the no-bid contract? There is also a new report out that they also got a contract to handle the issuing of some $2 Billion dollars in aid to Hurricane Sandy victims. Is this why tens of thousands of storm victims still have not received much aid?

But in the long run, the real reason that Barack Obama′s health care woes may be getting worse is not because of an SNL skit on the Obamacare website disaster. The numbers of people applying for Medicaid are the vast majority of those logging in at Healthcare.gov. In Maryland and Washington state, the ratio is about 9 Medicaid applicants to every 1 for private insurance. In Oregon, 100% used the site to get on Medicaid. About a dozen states report only 20 or less enrollees, some with zero! For the ACA to work, according to the White House, at 7 million people must enroll in a private insurance option for the program to live up to its financial expectations. Otherwise, the whole thing will only further increase the National Debt and drain Medicaid into insolvency. As usual, Obama is doing more harm than good to the poor and middle classes.