TEA PARTY: We need to repeal Obamacare!
DEMS: No way, it’s law of the land now!
REPS: Right, law of the land, can’t repeal it!
TEA PARTY: We can defund Obamacare!
DEMS: No you can’t, it’s law of the land now!
REPS: Yep, law of the land, can’t defund it!
TEA PARTY: We will refuse to vote for funding it!
DEMS: We’re not going to let you, it’s settled law of the land now!
REPS: Yeah, settled law.. can’t do anything about it.

TEA PARTY: But it’s not ready, we’re not ready, let’s at least delay it?
DEMS: Nope, can’t change it, settled law of the land!
REPS: Yep, settled law, can’t be changed!
TEA PARTY: Well sure it can, the president has already changed it!

DEMS: That’s different, the president can change it, it’s his bill!
REPS: Yep, his bill, he can change it, we can’t.
TEA PARTY: But if we demand it be postponed for a year….?
DEMS: NO! Absolutely not! We will go the mat on this!
REPS: Oh no! We can’t demand it, that’s stupid! No way they will go for that!
TEA PARTY: Yes we can, and we are going to demand it!
DEMS: You’ll be sorry you did!
REPS: Yeah, it will hurt Republicans to make such unrealistic demands!
TEA PARTY: We’ll filibuster!
DEMS: We’ll force a government shudown!
REPS: Oh no! This is going to hurt Republicans!
TEA PARTY: Don’t care, we need to at least delay this monstrosity!
DEMS: Nope, not going to budge, it’s law of the land! You can’t make us!
REPS: Stupid children, don’t you understand this will hurt Republicans?
TEA PARTY: But not if we stand together!
DEMS: Go ahead, shut down government, we ain’t budging!
REPS: See? We told you that it couldn’t be changed, settled law of the land!
TEA PARTY: Come on, we’ll agree to fund everything else, just delay Obamacare?
DEMS: Nope, not going to budge, shut the government down if you like.
REPS: Oh no, this isn’t going to be good, we’ll suffer the consequences!
TEA PARTY: Let’s be reasonable, this thing isn’t ready to roll out.
DEMS: Oh yes it is, and it will be rolled out as scheduled!
REPS: Let’s let it implode.
TEA PARTY: Let’s fight it now!
(*Government shuts down for 3 weeks.)
DEMS: See? We told you we wouldn’t budge!
REPS: Yeah, see? We told you this was stupid! No way they would budge!
TEA PARTY: It was still the right thing to do!
DEMS: Uhm hey guys… can we delay Obamacare now?
REPS: Yeah, sure thing guys!
TEA PARTY: *sigh*