What a week this has been! Barack Obama once again proves that he is the ′Epitome of Stupidity.′ Girly caps or hats for the U.S. Marine Corps. The Hill reports that the Obamacare website will probably cost U.S. taxpayers over $1 Billion dollars! The White House fires a policy wonk for Twitter tweets while keeping the rest of Obama′s moronic minions for doing everything from selling guns to Mexican drug cartels to ignoring pleas for protecting our embassy staff in Benghazi. With only some 19 working days left in Washington before the holiday break, Obama is attempting to shift gears back to amnesty for illegal aliens rather than focus on finally resolving the budget and debt ceiling issues which will be hitting deadlines again shortly. The U.S. Census Bureau now reports that there are more Americans on welfare than those who are working. The list of idiocy just goes on and on and on….

obama stupid

Yes, its all pretty bad, folks! I wish I could give you some good news. I suppose we can count our blessings that we have just another 38 months of this nonsense left to go. Of course, who knows what the future holds in who will replace Obama? George Soros has jumped on board the Hillary Clinton bandwagon this week, so take a guess. I like the things Ted Cruz says, but he worries me, too! He′s got one strike against him for being a Harvard graduate, but his second strike, that his wifey works for Goldman Sachs really indicates that he′s part of ′The Club.′ The Establishment is like a giant octopus with its tentacles wrapped around everything. If you′ve seen the list of attendees from this past summer′s Bilderberger meeting, then you understand what I′m talking about.

In some ways, I have to admit that I will miss Obama when he leaves office. He has produced an endless stream of fodder for a blogger like me. If I had the time and energy, I could be writing 5 or 6 pieces a day just about the lunacy oozing from the White House. Never before has one man caused so much disharmony and destruction in America. About the only one who comes close in U.S. history might be John Brown.

So is Barack Obama stupid? Is he the ′Epitome of Stupidity?′ Girly caps and hats for the U.S. Marine Corps? A billion dollars to build the Obamacare website? Spying on world leaders including our allies? Selling guns to Mexican drug cartels? Not protecting our people in Benghazi? Sleeping while our ambassador was murdered and his body dragged through the streets, sodomized and abused by the mobs? Oh, let us not forget how he is crippling the economy, doubling the National Debt! Or how the U.S. Census Bureau now reports that more Americans are on welfare than those working. These are among the ′accomplishments′ of the Obama administration. His legacy. The only people dumber than Obama are those who voted for him.