If life under this president was a movie instead of reality, it would be comical, but it’s not. We are not only stuck with him for another three years but we will be stuck with the aftermath of him for decades. Assuming we survive at all.

If I were to guess how history will judge these days, my guess would be, harshly. If history were to sum up Obama’s presidency in one word, that word might well be “ironic”.

Not in recent memory has a man been elected with such high hopes and performed with such incompetence.

Obama was elected to be the great uniter. Instead he has pitted rich against poor, black against white, alien against native born, democrat against republican and Christian against virtually everyone.

Similarly, he was elected to be the great restorer of national prominence in the world. Instead he has pissed off the Brazilians, Germans, Israelis, Egyptians, Turks, Syrians, British, Arabs and French.

Obama promised the most transparent administration in American history. Instead he has stonewalled virtually all scrutiny to come his way. He stonewalled on where the money went for both the Stimulus plan and the Pigford case. Next he stonewalled Fast and Furious, the effort to close Gitmo, the Benghazi massacre and at least 4 failed energy projects. More recently he dodged all questioning about just how much spying he is doing on America and her allies. Last week Obama fired one of his own ObamaCare operators whose only crime was accepting a phone call from Sean Hannity.

And then there is the irony of all ironies in this presidency, the fact that while none of the above, even cumulatively, has been able to bring this administration down, his own signature accomplishment might.

When you look back at other failed presidencies it’s hard to imagine how this one has lasted as long as it has. Jimmy Carter was similarly weak, incompetent and ineffective but he got hammered in an electoral landslide and went one and done. Richard Nixon was shamed out of office for a series of lies and cover-ups that paled in comparison to the ones Obama has heaped upon us, not to mention the fact that while Nixon’s acts were criminal in nature – no one died. That leaves us with the last of the commonly held presidential bottom feeders – Gerald Ford.

Jerry’s only national sin was that he was boring, clumsy and totally uninspiring. He is forever notable for being galacticly unaccomplished. He didn’t do anything, but he didn’t hurt anything either.

Unfortunately we live in a different time and place today. Where Nixon was the target of an aggressive and investigative media, Obama is a Teflon rock star to which nothing sticks. He is impervious to any real investigation because he enjoys a level of leftist media adoration never before witnessed. What has really changed however is not that we have a left leaning media or an oval office occupied by a total buffoon; What has changed is that the American people have been willing to tolerate his ineptitude in exchange for all the things he promised to give them. Maybe now that he has over promised and under-performed to the point where even the press is bailing out – the American people will too.