Jofi Joseph is the White House official fired over tweets. His Twitter account used the anonymous handle of @NatSecWonk, as he had worked in the Obama administration as the National Security adviser for weapon proliferation issues. What Obama fired Josi Joseph over was his tweets about colleagues at the White House and State Department. While most of his tweets are cyber-trash-talk against Republicans, mainly Conservative women like Sarah Palin, he did stray from time to time. He once referred to Obama′s closest adviser, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett as a ″vacuous cipher″, an ′air-head′ to you No-Low Information Voters, and even suggested that Hillary Clinton was more deeply involved in the Benghazi terrorist scandal than Team Obama would have us believe. But what this incident really tells us is that in the Barack Obama administration, you can mislead Congress, spy on American citizens, sell guns to drug dealers, do unwarranted tax audits, spend hundreds of millions of dollars on websites that do not work and even leave Americans unprotected to die in foreign lands and not be fired. However, criticize your fellow Obama minions on Twitter and you′ll get canned.

jofi joseph

Welcome to the tyranny that is the Obama White House! The misguided, misinformed, mistake-ridden miscreants are masters of universal misery. They are the gang that could not shoot straight, even if they used a flame thrower! The economy still sucks after trillions of dollars wasted on alleged stimulus programs. The world hates us even more, including our once friends like Israel, Saudi Arabia, France, the UK and Germany. The ′big signature′ program of Obamacare is a disaster. The list goes on and on. Yet, there are still a whole lot of dummies out there, about 31% according to the latest Foxy News poll, that think everything is just fine and dandy. Tell that to the growing millions of young Americans who are ′idle′, not working or going to school. Tell that to the African-American community which is worse off now than they were 5 years ago. Tell that to the over 90 million adult age Americans who are not working and the millions more of the Middle Class whom have seen their income and buying power reduced.

Poor Josi Joseph is the White House official fired over some tweets he sent. What Barack Obama fired Joseph over was because of his anonymous Twitter tweets, criticizing colleagues of his at the National Security office and the State Department. Not to mention Obama′s Number One adviser, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett. Meanwhile, plenty of other Obama administration officials have done far worse things and they still have their jobs.