As reality begins to sink in following the government shutdown, it becomes clear that if Obamacare is not stopped now, it will be with us forever. Waiting until after a series of elections to try and kill it, is a fools errand. It becomes clearer every day, during this excruciatingly embarrassing roll-out of the program, the public sentiment will never be more against it. As it becomes implemented and the dependency class attaches themselves to the public teat, it will grow increasingly harder to kill.

Let’s examine how Ted Cruz won ground in this battle.

The Alinskyite model of the left dictates; Continuous agitation, continuous fundraising, continuous energy. The fight builds support and support builds the fight. The same applies for Ted Cruz and Conservatives. In the last few weeks, Cruz has strengthened the fight against Obamacare by exposing the insider D.C. establishment in a way nobody else has been able to do. While the polls may indicate people hold Republicans responsible for the shutdown, and have a lower overall opinion of Republicans after the fight, many of those are regular conservative Americans who saw the establishment bolt and run from the fight. Over 2 million people signed a petition supporting Cruz, a testament to how strongly the conservative base feels about this.

Only Cruz and his supporters have stood up to the deal making and compromise which has led us down a path of fiscal disaster. Americans have noticed this. It is precisely things of this nature where elections are won and lost. The establishment maintains they just need to win some elections over the next few years, and unravel the program once a Republican president is in office. First, this ignores the shrinking attention span of the body politic, and second, it also ignores the fact that the establishment GOP is part of the problem. The football analogy given to describe Cruzes efforts was a “Hail Mary,” but what the establishment GOP proposes, is a 87-yard field goal attempt. Nevermind, we are down by a touchdown!

What’s worse is, the establishment GOP seems to have no clue as to how to handle the strategy of the left. They can’t grasp the ground game. The Left changes the narrative in the short term and ends up winning long term. Compromise is never the game. Battles are won each day, and not deferred. There is absolutely nothing to show that the GOP elite have any chance with the strategy on which they have embarked. It’s certainly not evidenced by the performance in 2012, where an underqualified and incompetent incumbent, who had 4 of the worst years in our economic history under his belt, shellacked a Republican known for compromise and civility.

These days, the fighters win, and the left knows how to fight. Some in the GOP were annoyed at Cruz over his leading the fight to defund Obamacare. They claimed that had he not muddied the waters with this fight, the failures of Obamacare would have been clearly on display during the roll-out. But the failures have only grown worse since the shutdown.

So have at it! Show us you’re right! The program is a joke, the butt of late night comedy and weekend satire. Prove to us you can win the narrative you claimed you could win. There is no Cruz standing in your way now, causing any distraction from your shutdown-free narrative, so go out there and end Obamacare. Win all these elections you need to win and do what you argued you could do. Or admit that Cruz has exposed the failures of Obamacare in ways no pundit or consultant can match and has won, yet again.