Show off! The Kim Kardashian engagement ring from Kanye West weighs in with a 15 carat diamond and is rumored to cost about $8 Million dollars. West rented out the AT&T Park baseball stadium in San Francisco to propose to Kim on her 33rd birthday Monday evening. Friends and family were there, along with a 50-piece orchestra to celebrate the happy moment. The couple recently had a child, Baby North, back on June 15. During Kardashian′s pregnancy, Kanye was seen dating other women. So why did he propose now? Was it because of the ′selfie′ photo Kim took and put on the Internet? Is Kanye worried that she is hunting for another lover? And why did he buy Kim a ring that is smaller than the one which Kim′s first husband, Kris Humphries, purchased? Has her value as a bride gone down?

kim kardashian engagement ring

Ah, yes! Popular culture lives on despite of all of the real woes we face as a nation. I could be writing my usual piece about the monthly jobs report. The numbers for September, 2013, are horrible, as usual, and even though the number of jobs created were less than expected and more people are unemployed than in August, the spin-machine for the Obama administration still had the national unemployment rate drop from 7.3% to 7.2%. Liberal pundits are busy making hay, blaming the government shutdown, even though that did not happen until October 1st. Little is said about the 512,000 workers whom have just given up looking for jobs in September that are never going to happen so long as Obama is in office.

So this is an open thread article where you may comment about anything you wish it. I opened the door with the Kim Kardashian engagement ring story since that seems to be what most people are truly interested in. But if such Hollywood fools such as her and Kanye West do not matter to you, then feel free to vent about anything else that does.