So how long will it take to fix the website? Perhaps a better question would be can the Obamacare website be fixed at all? Monday, Barack Obama expressed his frustration that the Internet portal for promoting his so-called ′Affordable Care Act′ has many problems. That the website rollout has been plagued by glitches and crashes. Obama compares this to being in a store filled with great products at great prices but the checkout system is not working. Actually, a better analogy would be a store getting ready to open on Black Friday with a long line of people eagerly waiting outside and store personnel learning that they cannot open the doors. Imagine a Wal-Mart opening with thousands lined up outside and they could only get one door to partially open, allowing only one shopper in every few minutes. Its a catastrophe! So Obama now promises to do a ′tech surge′, bringing in the best and the smartest software experts to fix the website quickly. But how successful can they be at this point?

fixing obamacare website

The answers are plentiful and not very good. Most reports indicate that problems could be around for weeks to come. Consumer Reports is cautioning the general public to not even attempting to log-on or create an account for at least one month. Not only is the website unable to handle large numbers of visitors, but security is also an issue. Another problem creeping up is that the information gathered by the Obamacare website and sent to state exchanges and insurance companies is wrong. That much of the data is corrupted or in error, resulting in the time-consuming process of companies contacting those enrolling to verify their information.

Some experts say that it could take several months, perhaps even 6 to 12 months, to fix all that is wrong. Others believe that the website is so poorly constructed that it will never work properly. That the quicker solution is to just scrap it and start fresh, this time hiring a more competent vendor with a track record of success. The Obama administration is now bringing Verizon into the picture the try and sort out the mess. They have also appointed Jeffery Zients to be the Fix-It Czar. Zients, who was with the Office of Management and Budget before, is one of the few Obama appointees who has some real-world business experience. Oddly enough, Zients worked for Bain & Company, Mitt Romney′s old Bain Capital firm. Hmmm?!?! What goes around, comes around, I guess!

So how long will it take to fix the Obamacare website? Somewhere between a month to never. is a disaster. A $600+ Million dollar boondoggle. Like everything else about the Barack Obama administration, it is just another sign of the incompetence fools we have running the federal government.