Did Karmel Allison hear too many lies as she became the woman who faints at the Barack Obama speech at the White House Rose Garden yesterday? The Obama speech was supposed to be about the problems of the Healthcare.gov website, loaded with glitches and structural issues. But, instead, Obama went into his usual routine of blaming others for his incompetence. Naturally, House Republicans and the Tea Party top the list of no-excuses-excuses, since, according to Obama, if the government shutdown did not happen the Obamacare website would not have been a disaster. Perhaps his best no-excuse-excuse was when Obama also blamed the American people for swamping the poorly constructed website because he believes it is ′so popular.′ Somehow, Obama equates being forced by law to register at a website with those truly popular websites with selfie photos of Kim Kardashian or kooky music videos like, ″What Does The Fox Say?″

obama healthcare speech

The only honest moment during the Obama speech was when Mrs. Allison began to get faint and Obama joked, ″That′s what happens when I talk too long.″ Indeed! How true, Obama, how true! Listening to this dull windbag would put anyone to sleep. I′d rather listen to paint dry than Obama!

Another big lie Obama told was that if you are having problems logging into the website, you can register by telephone and he gave out the toll-free phone number. Now, I rarely listen to the Sean Hannity radio show, but for some strange reason, I did yesterday. I guess my fear of getting a ′boot-up-my-ass′ while riding Hannity′s freedom train or revolution train or whatever train it is did not concern me for once. Hannity called the toll free number on-air and spoke with a customer service rep named Early. She told Sean that he would still have to register at the website in order to get his application process going and that he would have to wait at least 42 hours until the Obamacare website was back up and running.

DUH! The most amusing point of the conversation was when Sean questioned Early on politics and talk radio. Turns out that Ms. Early was not a registered voter and never watches the news. She also did not know who Rush Limbaugh was, nor Glenn Beck nor ′The Great One′, Mark Levin! She had never even heard of Hannity before. What really amused me was that Sean did not ask Early if she ever heard of Dr. Michael Savage? I bet that she probably has but mos likely caught him when he was discussing his famous recipe for meatballs or having lunch at the Indian restaurant, so she did not connect him with politics. Or maybe she heard his ′Dead Man Pants′ story and quickly changed the dial of her radio?

So Karmel Allison was the woman who faints at the Obama speech about the health care website fiasco. Was it just too exciting for her to be at the White House Rose Garden? Did her pregnancy or diabetes play a role? Or was she bored silly by another dull, long speech full of lies from the windbag we call Barack Hussein Obama? Heaven only knows, Mrs. Allison!