You have to say that David Tennant has had himself a great year. The British actor who became a world-wide sensation as the 10th Doctor Who has racked up even more acclaim as the disturbing police investigator in the hit BBC crime drama, ′Broadchurch′. Those of you whom have been watching the recent series of Shakespearean plays on ′PBS Great Performances′ caught his outstanding rendition as Richard II and now as the mad Dane, Hamlet. In both plays, the former Dr. Who faced another icon of Sci-Fi television, Patrick Stewart, who played Captain Jean luc Picard in ′Star Trek: The Next Generation.′ When the universes collide between Dr. Who and Star Trek, the opportunities for Shakespearean actors are out of this world!

david tennant drwho hamlet

I have to say that Tennant′s portrayal of Hamlet ranks right up there with those of Kenneth Branagh and Sir Laurence Olivier. The physicality which David brought to Doctor Who was deliciously executed in Hamlet. I loved the scene when he coaches the actors on while wearing a black tie with formal dinner jacket yet barefoot with no socks or shoes. Set in the contemporary, Tennant uses a small video camera and records the reaction of Patrick Stewart′s King Claudius as the play is the thing to reveal the conscience of the king. Another fun aspect of this version of Hamlet is how Elsinore Castle is fully equipped with CCTV cameras everywhere, forcing Tennant to smash them in order to be truly alone.

So if you are a fan of either Shakespeare or Doctor Who, you must catch David Tennant in Hamlet. Unfortunately, in their mundane lack of wisdom, Xfinity On Demand does not list PBS Great Performances, so you′ll have to check your local schedules for when it mat be rerun. Likewise David′s portrayal of Richard II is noteworthy to be seen. Meanwhile, BBC America will be airing the special premier of the new Doctor Who season, The Day of the Doctor, which will mark the end of the Matt Smith era and usher in the next Dr. Who, Peter Capaldi. Tennant will have a cameo and later return to BBC as a barrister in a new series, ′The Escape Artist.′