The Republican Party finds itself at a crucial crossroads in political history. Torn between two distinctly differing philosophies and unable to reconcile their differences. Perpetually fighting with each other over control of the party, and willing to threaten outright destruction of the party itself, in order to prevail. A few years ago, it appeared the fight was between libertarian and social conservatives, but that fight seems to have mutated into a much deeper and more threatening chasm.

In one corner, is the establishment “old guard” republicans, defiantly clinging to antiquated political notions of bipartisanship with moderate democrats, who quite frankly, no longer exist. Believing that some day, the people will again make the choice to put their politicians in charge of the body politic in Washington, returning the bygone glory to the Grand Old Party. In the opposite corner, the new Tea Party patriots, energized and invigorated, willing to fight for core conservative principles, in spite of polls or popular opinion.

As the Democrats sit back and revel in the despair of their political adversaries, they know all too well what the problem is, and they also know the solution. You see, it wasn’t that long ago, they endured the same fate as a party. They too, were torn between the “old guard” democrats like Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman, and the new progressive activists, who were not content with moderate approaches. Systematically, they dispatched the long-toothed moderates and began electing radical left-wing ideologues, who weren’t afraid to make a stand on principle. It wasn’t an easy road, it took a few election cycles and a lot of feelings were hurt and bridges burned. But now, they are a unified party who stands together for the common cause, and fully believe they can achieve whatever they please.

The latest fiasco with the shutdown, defund/delay, and debt ceiling debate, is evidence the GOP is in serious trouble. Unable to coalesce behind a unified message, or agree on a proper course, the party devolved into outright political cannibalism, and as a result, caved to every demand of the democrats. This will prove to be costly to republicans in the months and years to come, as the Obama Administration and Democrat leaders now realize they can essentially get anything they want from the beleaguered and whipped GOP. They will boldly push through the rest of Obama’s agenda, amnesty for illegal immigrants is next on the list, and a substantial tax increase is likely in our future as well. It won’t stop there, liberals are always dreaming of new ways to implement their ever-elusive utopia. Yes, the “fundamental transformation” is going to happen at breakneck speed now, because who is going to stop them?

It certainly won’t be the establishment GOP, who have telegraphed their intentions to just keep capitulating and surrendering to whatever this president wants because “elections have consequences,” don’t you know? You see, we have to “win elections” in order to do anything about it, and we’re told that we are going to need to muzzle the “wacko birds” of the Tea Party to get anything done. These are the “children in the room” who have to be scolded and made to sit in the corner now, because they are the cause of all this calamity. Why, if Ted Cruz had not made that pointless and meaningless stand, the likes of John McCain and Lindsey Graham, would have surely been able to “negotiate” with Harry Reid, and we probably could have resolved all these issues in a fair and bipartisan way, just like Ronald Reagan used to do.

We have to be willing to accept compromise, like allowing Obama and the Democrats to continue the strategy of not passing a fiscal budget, and just continuing to tie up Congress with one continuing resolution after another every few months, in between their push for more of Obama’s agenda and blaming the GOP for not working with them. That way, they can have all the money they want to spend on whatever, and we don’t have to be accountable at all. We have to compromise on this debt ceiling thing, and just let Obama raise it whenever he wants, because he’s going to anyway, there’s nothing we can do about it until we win some elections. What’s another 5,6 or 10 trillion dollars anyway, right?

And hey, Obamacare… it’s the law of the land now, so we may as well get used to that. No need in even trying to stop it or delay it, that’s Obama’s signature achievement, gotta let him have that. We all know that’s how Democrats treat Republican presidents, they allow them to have their way because they won the election. Now, I am sure, after we re-elect Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell, and after we reaffirm Boehner as Speaker of the House, we’ll see them stand tall and courageously fight to repeal it, eventually. But first, we have to elect more establishment republicans and get rid of these Tea Party kooks. We can do that, because the American people are going to line up to vote for a feckless party leadership who stand for nothing, only to cave and capitulate at the drop of a hat, they always do, right?

We have been lectured by Karl “The Architect” Rove, with his white board, that we simply can’t take bold stands on principle, it alienates the “independent voters” out there, and we are depending on them to also line up and vote for feckless party leaders who have no backbone. Rove certainly knows what he is talking about, after all, look at how well his strategy has worked to destroy the substantial Republican majorities in both the House and Senate we had under Bush, and give us a more fair and bipartisan governing body. Great political thinkers like Charles Krauthammer and George Will agree, this nonsense of standing up for conservative principles is stupid, and we need to nip that in the bud, so that we can appeal to the moderates and independents.

Whenever we are finally able to win a few elections, maybe 4 years, maybe 6 or 8, we can again effectively take the political leadership to repeal Obamacare. It’s going to be a piece of cake then, when millions of Americans are receiving subsidies and Democrats have millions of real life examples of people who will be hurt by taking away their health care. This silliness of trying to stop it now is just foolish, there is no “end game!” Whereas, the establishment GOP elite, they have a really good end game strategy, they can’t tell us about it yet, they have to get rid of these “wacko birds” from the Tea Party first, then they can explain it and implement it. Surely, it must involve compromise!

We can trust the establishment GOP to deliver, after all, the last time they had full reigns of power, they did a splendid job of reeling in spending and debt. It’s true, they gave us one of the most massive expansions of entitlement in modern times with the Pill Bill, but that was only so they could effectively take the issue of totally socialized medicine away from Democrats. You see, it’s all about compromise and appealing to the moderates and independents. Perhaps if we completely abandon all our principles and convictions, the moderates and independents will actually materialize at the polls and vote Republican? Just because this didn’t work in 2008 or 2012, and resulted in the election of arguably the least qualified man to ever hold the office of president and re-elect him to a second term, is no reason to give up on the strategy. The establishment GOP is certain it will work, if we can purge these “wacko birds” like Ted Cruz from the Big Tent.