Imagine the surprise when on Friday, the National Debt Clock, in real time, jumped to $17.075 Trillion dollars. An increase of $328 Billion dollars in just one day! And Obama wonders why Americans are ′fed up with Washington.′ The move by the U.S. Treasury Department was not unexpected, due to the fact that they ′froze′ the Debt Clock back on May 17, 2013, when the country reached its debt ceiling limit. Using fuzzy math and ′extraordinary measures′ of creative bookkeeping, the United States of America somehow continued to fund government and not default. Which, of course, completely disarms the argument that Barack Obama and fellow Democrats in the House and Senate made about the government shutdown. Barack Obama said this week that Americans have ′a right to be ticked off.′ But, as usual, Obama failed to be truthful that the person to blame was himself.

National debt

Of course, the $17+ Trillion dollars we owe on the National Debt only covers our ′on-budget′ obligations. There is also the mysterious, shadowy aspect of ′Contingencies and Commitments′. What Ross Perot referred to back in 1992 as ′the crazy aunt in the attic.′ Back then, that sum of debt was pegged as being somewhere between $25 Trillion dollars to perhaps $40 Trillion. Today, estimates, more like ′guesstimates′ since the Federal Reserve has never ever been audited, run from as low as $67 Trillion to about $400 Trillion dollars. Some believe the number may even top $1 QUADRILLION dollars! Though, most ′experts′ place the number between $130 Trillion to $250 Trillion dollars.

So what exactly are ′Contingencies and Commitments′? These are obligations our government has made to cover a wide range of purposes. For example, future payments to federal worker pensions, monies borrowed from Social Security to pay for ′on-budget′ over-spending and treaty obligations like those annual pay-outs to Israel and Egypt. Perhaps the largest portion of Contingencies and Commitments is the assurance to the world at large that was made at the end of World War Two when the U.S. Dollar was made the ′reserve currency′ for the global financial system. This is why some believe that the actual public debt is closer to $1 Quadrillion dollars. The truth may only be known to a few central bankers, including our Federal Reserve and those lovely folks at the world′s super-bank, the Bank of International Settlements, a.k.a., the Godfather of Banks!

Yes, the B.I.S. is a scary bank. Located in Switzerland, the place even looks scary! Their office building is a cross between a fortress and the Tower of Babel. This is the headquarters of the world′s financial system. You have to wonder why Al Qaeda doesn′t them instead of us? If you want to bring down Western Civilization, that is the place to do so.

Back here in the U.S.A., we don′t have to worry about Al Qaeda, since Barack Obama now has the power of the purse. He can borrow as much money has he wants now thanks to the new deal in the government shutdown-debt ceiling compromise. The House and Senate have handed over their authority over control of the debt ceiling limit. At best, all they can do now is vote to stop any future increases, but, for now, the GOP will not be able to override an Obama veto.

So do you believe that Barack Obama is the reason Americans are fed up with Washington? Or are you buying the lies of Obama that they have a right to be ticked off because of Congress? More specifically, those nasty House Republicans of the Tea Party Caucus? Do you believe that we will ever make good on our National Debt which now tops over $17 Trillion dollars? Or the actual public debt of $67 Trillion dollars, or much more, when Contingencies and Commitments are added in? How much longer will the U.S. Dollar remain the world′s reserve currency? Have we reached the point where it is just plain silly to even bother thinking about ever paying off our debts? Is it time to get real and just default and start over?