The same media that helped the Obama administration tar and feather the Republic Party, the Tea Party, and conservatives in general will now give the president his week-long victory lap. For the next week we are doomed to endless hours of postmortem on winners vs. losers. Or are we?

I’ve just spent the last 20 minutes going over everything from Drudge, to Politico, to Fox and everything in between looking for the answer to what I thought was the question of the month… How far(by how much) did the debt ceiling get lifted? Curiously, almost every report managed to work in the nearly $3 billion Kentucky kickback that Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell got out of the deal. What I can’t seem to find (mysteriously) is how much the debt ceiling was actually raised. Was that not the key issue? Was that question not what caused the entire debacle?

So now it’s all done and there isn’t a word printed about what was actually done to the ceiling? Are we not to be told how fat a check our grandchildren where just forced to write to Obama and Reid? To a Midwestern clod like me that would seem to be something that should probably have made the story. This is not however the only component mysteriously absent from the story.

Of all the brilliant (and less than brilliant) statements I heard during the great debate, I am still in complete fascination with one particular statement Obama made that not a single member of the press challenged him on. In his all too frequent, condescending demeanor, he mocked this moronic notion the American people hold that raising the debt limit automatically means going deeper into debt. He said it as if it didn’t mean precisely that! Why then was raising the debt even necessary? Like the amount by which the ceiling was actually raised, I am looking for the answer to that question and it is no where to be found.

Would George Bush have gotten by with that comment? I hardly think so. He he uttered it, the stupidity of that statement would have been the headline from Hoboken to Hanoi. But not in Obama’s new America.

Then there is the fact that virtually ALL the news outlets DID report on Mitch McConnells’s little nugget of gold. Why is that?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy that in the midst of a major debt crisis, McConnell got his cut out of the deal. But of all the things I’m furious at Mitch McConnell for today, that’s not at the top of the list.

Now that all the political maneuvering and name calling has subsided one thing is painfully obvious: America is being ruled by an elite political class. Officially, there are two parties in this country, but clearly, the establishments within the two are more the same than different. Clearly they are aligned on all the key issues. They both consider ObamaCare to be settled law, and thus here to stay. They both are fine with bloated budgets and massive debt. They both are more about power than people. They both want to move on to amnesty and can’t wait to be seen as the more generous party to the newest bank of freshly legalized voters.

All the talk in the media is how Obama won and conservative Republicans lost. No, America lost, our grandchildren lost, the U.S. Constitution lost. The House of Representatives essentially forfeited their constitutional power over the purse to the executive branch. America took one huge step toward a Monarchy and 10 back from a Republic.

A lot of legitimate American citizens tried to have their voices heard in a civil and legal manor. For their trouble they were villainized, referred to as radicals, racists, legislative arsonists and terrorists. Our constitution says we have the right to speak to power but power no longer feels compelled to listen. Power doesn’t even recognize the legitimacy of those speaking. Power views them as uninformed, illiterate obstacles to the grand plan; voices to be tamped down and disregarded by those far better equipped to determine what is best for them.

Perhaps the most powerful example of this disrespect was in regard to our nation’s free standing memorials. Those memorials belong to the people, not the administration. Those memorials were designed in an open format so there would be no obstacles between the monuments themselves and those they honor. The entire debt ceiling debacle was a shameful embarrassment. The one positive thing that came out of it was that our veteran’s once again showed leadership and bravery where it was otherwise absent. Once again they stormed the barricades and gave testimony to the freedom they paid so dearly for.

Today, I salute our vets, reject our cowardly, sycophantic media and detest our national leadership.
That’s my take on who the winners and losers are.