Dianne Reidy, a longtime Congressional stenographer, apparently had enough during last night′s vote in the House of Representatives on ending the government shutdown. The House stenographer took to the microphone and began a rant, accusing Freemasons for writing the Constitution, creating a Godless nation. She praised her Savior, Lord Jesus Christ as she was dragged away. According to Capitol Police, Reidy was taken to a local hospital to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. So was she crazy or has our failed political system driven her to the breaking point? Does she have a point? That the divided nation and our massive debt is due to the Constitution? Will we begin to see more and more of such outbursts as the outrage towards politicians builds?

house stenographer

Is America on the verge of its own version of the Affair of the Diamond Necklace? About three and a half years ago, I wrote a comparison here between the rise of the Tea Party and the Truth Movement which marked the beginning of the French Revolution. In 1871, French financial minister, Jacques Necker, published the very first public accounting of the nation′s budget and economic condition. His work, the ″Compte rendu au roi″, was a real eye-opener, especially amongst the bourgeoisie and educated classes. France was deep in debt due to their part in fighting England during the American War of Independence. Necker was viewed as the most honest and transparent official in government. When King Louis XVI fired him, for the third time, on July 11, 1789, mobs of people began rioting in Paris, leading to them storming the Bastille three days later.

Napoleon himself claims that the French Revolution would never had happened had it not been for the ′Affair of the Diamond Necklace.′ King Louis XV commissioned some Parisian jewelers to produce the world′s most expensive diamond necklace for his love interest, Madame du Barry. But he died of small pox before the necklace was completed and du Barry was run out of court. Louis XVI offered the splendid bobbles to his wife, Queen Marie Antoinette, but she refused the trinket, insisting that it be sold and the money be spent on building a French warship instead. The jewelers were essentially stuck with the necklace, and the bill for creating it.

Enter Jeane de Saint-Remy de Valois, a con artist who also went by the name of Jeane de la Motte. She was a descendent of old King Henry II of France by way of a bastard son. She became the lover of one Cardinal de Rohan, who had been recently fired as France′s ambassador to Austria after spreading awful rumors about Queen Marie. Madame Jeane worked to get the Cardinal back into the court′s favor through another lover. Once back in, the Cardinal began to woe the heart of Queen Marie, but Jeane took matters one step further, arranging secret rendezvous between the Cardinal and the Queen, except that the Queen was actually a prostitute hired by Madame Jeane to trick the Cardinal. She began milking him for all the money he could steal and used it to buy more influence and a place in the royal court for herself.

Intercepting, and perhaps even writing, some damning love letters between the Cardinal and the Queen, Jeane schemed to get him to buy her the famous necklace. Using the faked letters as proof, the Cardinal convinced the jewelers that he was buying it for Marie Antoinette and they were all too happy to unload the bobble. In 1785, the deal was done and Jeane had the diamond necklace, which she spirited to England where her husband, yes, she was married all along, broke it up and sold off the diamonds separately. Meanwhile, the jewelers sent the bill to King Louis XVI, who was quite upset. The Cardinal, as well as the prostitute, were arrested, along with Jeane′s other lover who hung out at the court, Retaux de Villette. Jeane was arrested in August of 1785, punished with a severe whipping and had a ′V′ branded upon her as a sign of a thief. She later escaped from prison, posing as a boy, fled to London where she wrote and published her story in 1789. Some things never change, do they?

Needless to say, the public was outraged over the Diamond Necklace Affair. France was out 2 Million livres at a time when the country was deep in debt to those mean Dutch bankers. The whole mess demonstrated how disconnected the aristocracy was to the plight of the rest of the people. The economy was in shambles and the ruling class had become a bunch of bunglers. Topped off with the King′s attempt to break up the legislature, The Estates, which led to the Tennis Court Oath by the radicals, followed by Jacques Necker being fired again for trying to fix the economy, it was all too much for the peasants. They had had enough! Next stop, the National Razor!

Whether you believe House stenographer Dianne Reidy, that Freemasons drafted the Constitution to create a Godless nation or that the only hope for Capitol Hill is to praise Lord Jesus Christ, does not really matter. What does matter is that yesterday′s vote to end the government shutdown and increase the debt ceiling was a joke. A very bad joke which will have dire consequences well into the future of America. The worst of which is the provision that allows the Treasury Department, after February 7, 2014, to use ′extraordinary measures′ to keep borrowing more debt without a vote by Congress. The clause only gives Congress the authority to vote against any further borrowing, which can be vetoed by Barack Obama. So Obama now has essentially a blank check to spend as much money as he wants to. Thank you, No-Low Information Voters for reelecting Obama! You have sealed our fate to become the property of the Chinese.