Just one more day to go before the big Obama debt ceiling crisis. The world awaits the news as the latest government shutdown standoff is causing reactions from across the globe. China wants a New World Order where they ′de-Americanize′ the world from the stench of the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency. Markets reacted badly yesterday when a potential surrender caucus deal was put on hold in the U.S. Senate as the House tried to float a surrender of their own. But the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett is cracking the whip on Barack Obama, rejecting the latest offer as it would force her, Obama and even members of Congress to sign up for Obamacare and give them no taxpayer-funded subsidies. Boo-Hoo! I guess earning fat salaries plus all the cash they can steal through graft and corruption just is not enough. What′s a poor tyrant to do?

debt ceiling default

Of course, the reality is that the United States of America already hit the debt ceiling months ago. Some estimates show we topped the $16.7 Trillion dollar mark back in mid May. The calendar was greased thanks to higher taxes by Obama taking in record amounts of dough, allowing the government to continue funding turtle tunnels and shrimp treadmills through the summer. Toss in the printing presses at the Federal Reserve churning out an extra $85 Billion per month and who needs tax increases anyway? The Fed now owns more debt than the first 42 presidents amassed. That is not counting the debt China, Japan and other ′investors′ own.

Everybody, from Obama to the fools in the Liberal Media, are talking up doomsday from a possible default on our National Debt. Thanks to the Fed, we are currently only paying about one-sixth the interest rate as we did under George W. Bush. The most immediate debt payment due by the end of October amounts to only, ONLY, $6 Billion dollars! After that, each month will cost us about $20 Billion, while Uncle Sugar takes in over $200 Billion per month in taxes, fees and penalties. Which, thanks to Obamacare, will be increasing since the ACA is nothing more than a new tax. The Supreme Court says so!

It is enough to drive one wacko. Even I find myself watching less news on TV. For the past two weeks, I′ve even been forced to watch reruns of ′Sex in the City′, a series I had never-ever watched before, because there is simply nothing else on early in the morning. You′d think that with 900 cable channels, I could at least watch reruns of Gilligan′s Island for crying out loud! And folks wonder why my morale is sinking?

I have had enough of the daily lies coming out of the mouth of Barack Hussein Obama. The only good thing about television is that the technology still prevents me from smelling the alcohol breath of John Boehner. Or the Hai Karate of Harry Reid and whatever awful smell Nancy Pelosi is sporting these days. Did you see her face yesterday? She looked like somebody spooged all over her due to the terrible make up she had on! So let the government shutdown continue and let us have a real default on the National Debt. Maybe then will the dummies wake up and we′ll all go to our local Walmart and loot the place empty. Me, I′m packing my bags for a three-hour tour which hopefully will result in landing on a deserted island for a few years. Only then can I focus on more important debates like who has a better set of coconuts? Ginger or Mary Ann?