Enough is enough. We’ve tried listening to people like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer, and their constant calls for capitulation and surrender have resulted in what amounts to a bloody nose from Chicago-style thug politics. Mitch McConnell has done everything but the Kabuki Dance with Joe Biden, to try and appease the Democrats and ‘work a deal’ to end the government shutdown, only to be slapped around like a little bitch.

Oh yeah, I cussed, and get ready, I plan to do a lot more of it in this article, because I am so pissed off I can’t see straight. I am fed up with being told I am behaving like a petulant child because I refuse to allow petulant children to have their way. It’s time for the gloves to come off!

When I was 12-years-old, I learned a valuable life lesson. You see, I moved from the city to the country. In the city, people were civil and cordial, the kids at school got along and played nicely together, and very seldom fought with each other. When I moved to the country it was a different story. Country boys fight for the fun of it. Just to break the monotony of living in the boonies, they would fight over anything with anybody, didn’t matter. The first few months I lived there were pure hell, I got my butt stomped on a daily basis, and couldn’t understand why. I didn’t know how to fight, had never been in this situation before, and the more it became apparent that I didn’t know how to fight, the more these country boys wailed on my head.

Eventually, one of the guys who I had made friends with, told me what the problem was. He said, “You’re never going to stop this until you fight back!” He gave me some pointers, and sure enough, the first time I used them, it virtually ended the bullying for good. I discovered that when you pop a big tough country boy square in the nose, he cries just like a little girl. It’s a lesson the current GOP pansies need to learn, and learn quick. Stop expecting this Chicago thug bastard to play nice, and start popping him square in the nose.

Elections have consequences, but those consequences do not include giving up the Constitution. It doesn’t mean we lay down and allow our rights to be trampled by Statists who hate the Constitution and all that it stands for. It does not mean that Congress is rendered feckless by an authoritarian president who wants to rule over us like a king or monarch. It doesn’t mean we have to tolerate lawlessness and disregard for our system of checks and balances. It means we have to grow a pair and stand up to fight for what we believe in.

I don’t give a damn what the party establishment elites have to say anymore. If these people want to capitulate and surrender, we need to ‘defund’ them, and then, vote them out of office. They do not represent MY values, and they are not doing the job they were sent to Washington to do. Being a Congressman isn’t an easy job sometimes, it requires having a backbone and courage. I don’t care how much they get on television and talk down to the Tea Party, as if they are stupid, simple, small-minded idiots who just don’t get it. The Tea Party gets it! In fact, they are the ONLY ones who do seem to get it, they’ve been right about virtually everything that has come down the pike. It continues to be the “go along to get along” gang who doesn’t get it.

If 47 Republican senators had stood behind Ted Cruz a few weeks ago, instead of running around backstabbing fellow conservatives, calling names and scoffing at the idea of fighting Obamacare, imagine where we might be at this time? Imagine what a powerful impact solidarity would have made? Instead, these morons successfully demonstrated to the thug democrats, that we don’t have the backbone and political courage to fight. Slap us around a little bit, and we’ll get in line and do as we’re told by the President King.

As of today, the GOP can kiss my ass! Don’t ask me for another dime, I will only be supporting genuine fighters from the grass roots Tea Party movement, who will commit to going to Washington to fight for the people. I’m done with being reasonable, listening to the moderates go on and on about how we must reach out to the independents. To hell with the independents, if they don’t want to fight for this country and the Constitution, they can take a long walk off a short pier. If you are such a freaking moron that you can’t comprehend the difference between constitutional patriots and Marxist Socialists, your vote does not matter! You deserve to be sent on the same slow boat to China with the rest of the fools. Go to hell!

To the so-called Libertarians, if your stubborn ideology is more important for you to cling to as your nation collapses around you, join the others on the slow boat! Your rigid and strict libertarian principles are not going to be embraced by a majority in this country, you can’t garner more than 3% of the vote in national elections, and you never will. So live your remaining days out under authoritarian rule of Marxist kings, and dream on. The same goes for you if you’ve got your head so far up the elephant’s ass of the GOP, you can’t comprehend what is happening to us.

It is time for the people who genuinely care about this great nation to come together and fight. Stop being afraid, stop thinking there is some alternative way, or that things will get better if we elect more John McCains and Lindsey Grahams to power. It’s time to start punching these smug bastards in the nose, and demanding they listen to the people. Start making some bold moves. Draw up articles of impeachment in the House, and take this son of a bitch down a few notches. Granted, the Senate will never remove him from office, but so what? There is ample evidence to support impeachment, he has lied and misled the American people from the very start, and almost on a daily basis. Practically everything that comes out of Obama’s mouth, is a bold faced lie, and he has become absolutely brazen about it. Scandal after scandal, which would have destroyed virtually any other president, have been shoved under the carpet by weakling republican pansies who don’t want to be called names.

We hit the debt ceiling at midnight tonight, and I fully believe this Marxist plans to default the US, and blame the republicans. It totally violates the Constitution for him to do so, but since when does Obama give a rat’s ass about the Constitution? What better way to “fundamentally transform America?” The GOP miscalculated, they assumed the Democrats would negotiate and try to limit the suffering to the American people during the shutdown, and neither happened. Instead of standing up with Cruz and fighting, they chose to take the diplomatic route and now they have run out of time, and the Democrats stand there with smug grins on their faces, thinking they have prevailed in backing us into a corner. I say to hell with it all, pass a “clean CR” which totally funds every single aspect of Obamacare, but without the Obama-added waivers and exemptions, or exemptions for Congress, and leave town. Go back to your districts and start explaining to people how a default is the sole responsibility of the President, and the President alone… it’s in the Constitution. Then start working on articles of impeachment.