A failed generator at a Xerox facility set off stampedes as EBT card users at Walmart used the food stamps glitch to stock up on all the goodies they could grab. According to reports, 17 states were impacted by the technical problems which gave EBT card users unlimited buying power. In Louisiana, those at the Spring Hill and Mansfield Walmart stores saw shocking examples of massive looting until the EBT food stamps shutdown was corrected. As store managers announced that the system was back up and running, looters abandoned their shopping carts full of goodies and left the stores empty-handed. Walmart is blaming Xerox, but Xerox says that there are procedures to be followed in such an event, such as limiting all purchases to just $50. Is Walmart justified in attempting to prosecute those who took advantage of the EBT glitch, or should they just eat this mistake themselves?

walmart food stamps

This episode shows the true face of Modern Liberalism and what awaits our once great nation should the Progressive-Marxists continue to erode our culture and politics. It also shows the mess we will be in when there is a similar glitch in Obamacare which will digitize our health and well being. While it is easy to blame those who took advantage of the EBT error, they were, after all, just acting as any amoral group of people would. Their amorality taught to them by our failed public education system and a popular culture based on irresponsibility.

Frankly, I blame Walmart and other retailers for allowing this fiasco to happen. Xerox is right! When the EBT glitch became apparent, stores should have either suspended accepting them or, as Xerox said, limit all purchases to just $50 until the system was restored. As a fan of TV shows like ″Restaurant Stakeout′ on the Food Network, businesses which do not have adequate systems and structures in place to function during emergencies are doomed to make mistakes.