Many thousands of veterans march upon the National Mall Sunday to protest Barack Obama and his war against the military is proof that real Americans know who is to blame for the government shutdown. The Million Veterans March on Washington 2013 started at the Lincoln Memorial, then they stormed the barricades which had closed off the WW2 Veterans Memorial. Angry veterans and their families were joined by Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee as they tore down the barricades and carried them to the White House, throwing the steel obstacles down before the feet of their oppressor. Naturally, Obama dispatched his blue-shirts of the Imperial Guard to intimidate the protesters, but to no avail. The sturdy combat veterans who have faced death before were not phased one bit as they protested peacefully, even cleaning up after themselves, unlike the trashy pigs of the Far-Left Liberals who organized their pro-illegal immigrant rally last week.

veterans march on washington

Obama is squarely to blame for the government shutdown as it continues after two weeks. The latest news is that Obama and the Democrats have rejected yet another offer from the GOP Surrender Caucus as the Progressive Marxists now demand an end to the sequester spending cuts. Meanwhile, Obama continues his War on the U.S. military, purging more officers who he may see as a threat should Obama decide to seize total power and usurp the Constitution completely. Just as in Egypt, the American public respects the military far more than they do politicians and their hack bureaucrats. Despite the best efforts by the scoundrels of the Liberal Media, our veterans still are held dearly to the hearts of the vast majority of The People.

The Media today is attempting to argue that the veterans march is a protest against the Tea Party and Republicans in Congress who are standing tall against the winds of tyranny and fiscal irresponsibility. But when the vets carried the barricades they tore down from the memorials, they did not deposit them at the Capitol Building. No! They dumped them at the White House, a clear sign that they know who is to blame! For it has been the Obama administration which has been playing every trick and legal loophole to block funding of veteran death benefits and payments to our disabled veterans. It is the Obama administration which choosing to threaten cutting off paying our active duty soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. Not any member of the GOP in Congress!

This weekend′s protest by many thousands of veterans on the National Mall is yet another sign that Barack Obama is losing the PR angle of the government shutdown. Skewed polls are no substitute for the Million Veteran March on Washington 2013. From the Lincoln Memorial to the gates of the White House, American veterans displayed their anger at the Liberals. Joined by Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, all heroes of truth and true justice, our military veterans understand what is really at stake in this political struggle. The very essence of our Liberty is at stake. The skewed polls say that only 24% support the Tea Party, but I would match them to any 47% of doped-up Liberals any day of the week.

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