We got us a convoy! As many as 10,000 truckers will protest corruption in Washington, DC today, planning to tie up traffic along the Capital Beltway. The Truckers Ride for the Constitution is set for today as they demand that Barack Obama resign as well as the arrest of various members of the House and Senate. The Virginia State Police will monitor the protest, though traffic may be light anyway due to the government shutdown. One of the organizers of the truckers protest, Zeeda Andrews, says that at least 3,000 truckers will participate today and through the weekend. Many of the trucks will bear the group′s original name, Truckers to Shutdown America, using the shorthand of T2SDA. The truckers are angry about many issues facing our nation, from too many regulations to corrupt politicians working for Wall Street instead of the American people. The group, with their website, RidefortheConstitution.org, will engage in their peaceful protest, but will Washington pay attention?

truckers ride

Is this the beginning of a bottom-up, grass-roots movement to take back America? A sign that ordinary American citizens have had enough of the shenanigans politicians play in our nation′s capital? Will we begin to see more nationwide protests and general strikes, much as we have seen in European countries like Greece? Are the days of Big Government coming to an end soon?

One has to wonder why it has taken so long for people to wake up and smell the coffee! The stench of tyranny has been growing exponentially since Obama took office. The one-party rule we had at the beginning of the Obama administration, when Democrats ran both the House and Senate, has been proved to be a disaster. Just look at the latest revelations about the Obamacare website.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, ′Charwoman′ of the Democratic National Committee, says that it is ″unfair″ to tell the American people the truth about the Obamacare. Thanks to actual journalism in England, we now know that the glitch-ridden Healthcare.gov website has only signed up some 51,000 people so far and only 6,200 on its first day. Even at a rate of 50,000 per day, which was what the website was designed to handle, it would take over two-and-a-half years for the ′estimated′ 48 million Americans without health insurance to sign up. Yet, Obama and his henchmen still insist on not delaying the individual mandate for at least one year despite the problems and confusion. Why? Because it means more tax revenues!

The problems we are facing from the latest government shutdown demonstrate the essential failings of Big Government. What if there is another during the next three years? A very likely prospect. Will Obama and his cronies withhold health services to punish Americans as he is already doing now to our veterans? Would Obama have HHS stop funding the purchase of medication, bandages, and furlough doctors and nurses?

Those participating in the Truckers Ride for the Constitution protest today on the Capital Beltway have plenty to be angry about. Which is why they are demanding that Barack Obama resign and that some members of the House and Senate be arrested. Liberal-Progressive politicians have been committing treason for the past century, selling out the American people in favor of Wall Street and other fat-cats who profit from a large, centralized government. Will the truckers shutdown America to save it from the tyranny that is the Obama administration? Is this the beginning of the end of Socialism in America? Let us hope so!