Okay liberals, you won me over! Contrary to the countless arguments I have made for years on the subject, I am prepared to do an ‘about face’ on the issue of increasing the national minimum wage. I realize this may come as a shock to my fellow conservatives. Brady, what the hell are you thinking man? Have you gone insane?

Nope, I haven’t lost my marbles yet. I have simply began to realize some facts we face as a society, and have modified my position on the subject. I have changed with the times. Not all conservatives are rigid ideologues who refuse to budge, some of us are pragmatic thinkers, willing to go outside the box, which is what I am doing here.

Now, before you get too bent out of shape about this, hear me out. The reason I have had a change of heart is simple. Before Obama, the typical minimum wage job was a “start-up” job for young workers entering the workforce, and not ever intended to be full-time employment to support a family. This was the whole basis of my argument against raising it, and other conservatives agreed. Increasing the minimum wage simply means an increase in cost of living across the board, as the prices of everything goes up as a result.

We now live in the Post-Obama era, where there are no more full time jobs, and the 29 hr. work week is the new “norm” in America. It is largely the result of Obamacare, which the left is adamant about keeping, no matter what. At this point, regardless of whether we get rid of Obamacare, the situation with jobs is likely not going to change for a while. Companies adjust and adapt to changing times, and then it takes a long time for them to fluctuate out of their conformity. Even if Obamacare were completely repealed today, it would’t suddenly mean the millions of full time jobs lost as a result, come sailing back overnight. In the corporate world, strategies are set, adjustments are made, and it may take a decade or more to reverse the trends.

Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public are out there trying to scrape by with some crappy part time minimum wage job (or three), because that is essentially all there are available now. Five years worth of college grads are standing there with their diplomas, unable to find a full time job in their field, and forced to accept part time minimum wage work, just to pay off the student loan. The liberals have now literally made a reality of what they’ve been claiming for years, the minimum wage is now the primary means of support for many middle class families. So why not go ahead and raise the sucker? Forget Obama’s proposed $9, let’s go ahead and increase it to $12 or $15, since we’re no longer going to be working full time.

But Brady, what about the inflation, spiraling cost of living and price increases that will result? Well, we can deal with that when we get there, maybe raise the minimum wage to $20 or $25 an hour? The liberals claim it will work, so if it doesn’t, we can always blame them for yet another failed liberal idea. Right?