Blame it on the government shutdown, as the White House does with everything these days, but Michelle Obama is canceling her trip to the West Coast. She was headed for both the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas to attend fund raisers for the Democratic National Committee. Included was a $32,000 a plate dinner at the home of Phil Rosenthal, creator of the TV series, ″Everybody Likes Raymond″, as well as a brunch in the Bay Area to be hosted by Nancy Pelosi at the Fairmont Hotel. Barack Obama had canceled a similar trip in September due to the alleged crisis in Syria to dine with guests of ″Friends″ producer, Marta Kauffman. So is this just a PR move to try to stem Obama′s falling poll numbers? Or has the government shutdown prevented Michelle Obama from using an aircraft large enough to transport her enormous ass?

michelle obama trip

Oooh, am I being too mean again, making fun of Michelle′s bottom? Or is this whole thing a joke? Come on already! Bad enough the Obama administration is dissing the families of our war veterans. First by denying them access to the various national memorials honoring our veterans, then by holding up death benefits to those who die in service of our nation. But what else can one expect from our Napper-in-Chief? Obama has no problem sleeping while our ambassadors are murdered and their bodies are dragged through foreign streets being sodomized by angry crowds.

So are you happy that the Michelle Obama trip to raise money for the Democratic National Committee have been canceled? Do you think that her not flying off to the West Coast to hob-nob with Liberal elites is just a PR move to stem her husband′s falling job approval numbers? Is the White House seeking cover? Or has the government shutdown actually restricted the availability of aircraft large enough to transport Michelle Obama to Los Angeles and San Francisco?