It’s a good thing the base the Democrat party serves is so heavily dominated by the ill-informed, uneducated and voluntarily enslaved population of this country. A smarter, less gullible electorate might actually catch on to the absolute insanity that is being perpetrated on them by Democrats and the likes of California Governor, Jerry (Moon Beam) Brown.

Not long ago Brown and the rest of the Democrat machine tried to steam roll Republicans with their “War on Women” campaign. In fact, will recall their featured star was the 30 year old Ivy League college law student that couldn’t afford to pay her massive, monthly birth control bill. Amongst other things, she was livid that the rest of the country balked at picking up her tab. That entire debacle was then linked to the shameful effort by Catholics to stave off being handed the bill for thousands of abortions via provisions within ObamaCare. And let’s not forget the timeless references to Republican demands to have abortions forced into alleys and performed with coat hangers rather than in first rate medical suites.

Now we fast forward to today, where the all caring, all compassionate, all women all the time Democrats have just created “Abortions R Us”.

Turns out those back rooms and alley abortions aren’t all that bad. Democrats no longer believe that you should actually have to travel to a legitimate medical facility to have your reproductive system ravaged and your child forcibly removed. You don’t need doctors. You don’t need a medical staff. You don’t need medical contingencies on stand-by in case something goes wrong while you are trying to severe little Betsy’s spinal cord; you just need to be in California with access to AB-154 – which Governor “Moon Beam” just made law.

So what’s next…Drive through?

It is utterly amazing that the party that promotes this can do so with a straight face. Yah, they care soooo much about women’s rights, soooo much about women’s health. Yet they are perfectly comfortable denying state inspection of abortion mills. They are perfectly comfortable performing abortions without a physician on staff. They are perfectly comfortable referring women not yet even out of high school to these barbaric services without any parental involvement, in the back room of what loosely passes as a clinic.

And Republicans are the ones waging war on women?

Harry Reid thinks Republicans are being held hostage by the Tea Party. Maybe they are, but to no less a degree than Democrats are hostage to Planned Parenthood. The difference is, not a single mother has died at a Tea Party Rally and not a single unborn child has been murdered at one either. Can Planned Parenthood, or now for that matter, Abortions R Us say the same?

There is a war on women alright, but it isn’t being waged by the right side of the isle.