As the government shutdown enters the second week, pundits on either side will rush to argue that they are ‘winning’ the public relations war. Democrats will proudly crow about polling numbers which show a majority casting blame on Republicans, as the Republicans continue to correctly point out, the Democrats refuse to negotiate. In the midst of all this is Obama with his tanking approval ratings, now at an all-time low of 37% and falling.

Determined to make the shutdown as unpleasant as possible, Obama has ordered all national parks closed to the public. The news of this prompted a friend of mine, who is about as ‘liberal’ as any friend a conservative could have, to make the following statement: “The woods are closed until we can imagine enough money to keep them open!”

A daily runner was fined $100 at one national park, for being on the premises in defiance of the posted closure. Privately-owned restaurants leasing federal property inside federal lands, are being ordered to close their doors, and some are simply defying the orders. Veterans were being turned away at the memorials in Washington, until public outrage prompted an exception. All over America, people are showing they are absolutely fed up with this, and are not going to stand for it.

Myself, and about a dozen others of like mind, are planning a weekend camping trip to our local National Forest, where we plan to hike in through the backwoods, which we know very well. Now, who knows if Obama might have drones patrolling the area, and we may be taking a great risk? Nothing would surprise me anymore, but we are betting the park rangers will never be able to find us, and we’ll enjoy the beautiful nature without interruption. In case I suddenly disappear, you’ll know what probably happened to me.

The longer the shutdown prevails, and the more the Obama goon squads attempt to strongarm American citizens, the more this hurts Obama. You can point to all kinds of polls, but one thing that is clear in every one of them, the people simply aren’t blaming the public and private sector for this. The blame falls squarely on the government, and the Democrats virtually control the government at this time. It doesn’t matter “who’s responsible” for the shutdown, what matters is, who is to blame for the inconvenience and hardship caused by it. The poll which reflects that number, is the presidential approval rating.

Now, in true Alinsky fashion, the president avoided discussing the shutdown in an interview with Businessweek this week, and instead, chose to change the subject to whether or not the Washington Redskins should change their team name. Yes, Mr. President, this is the kind of leadership the American people are expecting out of you at this time. We are all waiting with baited breath to hear you lecture us on tolerance and racism. (NOTE: There are at least three high schools in America with over 90% Native Americans attending, who’s nickname is Redskins.)

Who is winning? Well, it’s certainly not Obama. I think it’s the American people, who are quickly discovering just how much of a hinderance government can be when it wants to be. Now, being that I am a small-government conservative who wants less government in our lives, this is a good thing. If I were a big government liberal who wants more government in our lives, I’d be worried a little. The end result will be the realization that we really don’t need park rangers telling people they can’t run in national forests or operate their privately-owned businesses there. That we don’t need barricades placed at open-air monuments our tax dollars paid for. Most importantly, we don’t need a president who is compelled to keep his wife’s pet website open, while denying survivor benefits to families of soldiers killed in Afghanistan. Oh yes they did!