What are the Government Shutdown 2013 latest outrages? Two news items leap off the pages. First, that rangers at Yellowstone National Park essentially held a group of tourists hostage at gun point, denying them to take photos of a herd of bison as well as pictures of Old Faithful. The tourists, mostly senior citizens and foreigners, were bullied by park rangers who strutted about with their guns, ordered back into their tour bus, spreading fear in the hearts of the tourists. One group from Asia actually thought they were under arrest while being confined at the Old Faithful Inn! Even the tour guide referred to the park rangers behavior as ′Gestapo tactics.′ The other item of outrage is how the Department of Defense is withholding death benefits for our fallen heroes, despite Congress voting last week to keep such funded. While Chuck Hagel may be taking the blame for this, there is no doubt that he is acting under orders from Barack Hussein Obama. The same is true for those park rangers.

yellowstone national park

There is no end in sight to the government shutdown 2013. Barack Obama held a staged event yesterday, pretending it was a press conference when in fact it was just another opportunity to go on television and spread more lies. Not one single question was asked about ObamaCare or the failure of the HealthCare.gov website. The Obama administration is keeping quiet, refusing to tell how many people successfully signed up for health care insurance. We know that in some states, like Louisiana, nobody was able to sign up. Even in Maryland, a true-Blue State, only some 360 people successfully signed up. With nearly 6 million people, one would guess that several hundred thousand would be seeking healthcare since, according to the Liberals, at least 15% of adults have none at all.

Yes, Obama is a big meany! Holding tourists hostage. Denying death benefits to the families of our dead veterans. Keeping living veterans from visiting memorials while allowing illegal immigrants to run amok. And that′s just this week! Who can say what outrages are to come? Obama is not only offending our senses but Nature and the Cosmos, too! Here is a true story, though I cannot prove it, but it is all true!

Yesterday, I was sitting on my throne having my morning bowel movement when I began humming the song, ″You′re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch″ from the old cartoon ″The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.″ Naturally, what inspired me, aside from encouraging a bowel movement, was thinking about how Obama is the Grinch who stole America. I could visualize him on top of Who Mountain with the entire nation teetering on the edge of destruction as Tea Party members in Whoville sang the ″Welcome Christmas″ song, knowing that even if Obama destroyed America, they would still believe in Liberty.

So not only was I humming the ′Mean One′ tune, but I started singing it as well with new lyrics. ″You′re a mean one, Mr. Obama. You′re so disgusting I can tell! You bar our combat veterans in favor of illegal immigrants, Mr. Obama! I wouldn′t touch you with a nine-and-a-half-foot-long Gallup Poll!″ Okay, so it may not be a chart buster but it did help me succeed in my bowel movement. But just imagine my amazement when last night, Dr. Michael Savage also began playing the ″mean One′ song and drew the connection to Obama!

Did I somehow send Doc Savage a psychic message? Was there some sort of remote mind meld? Or did we both pick up on the possible Cosmic disgust our Space-Time Continuum is developing for Barack Obama? Is there a widespread psychic energy wave filling our universe because of the sheer, vile nature of Obama? Will I start eating Indian food for lunch? I rant, you decide!

The two items mentioned on the Government Shutdown 2013 latest outrages, the tourists being held like hostages at Yellowstone National Park and death benefits denied to families of our fallen heroes, are more indications that Barack Hussein Obama has gone Caligula on us. Bad enough that Obama allows illegal immigrants to run amok at the National Mall while keeping out our combat veterans. But having park rangers treating senior citizens and foreigners like criminals with Gestapo tactics, ordering them to their tour bus when trying to photograph bison and keeping them restricted at the Old Faithful Inn is just too much! This all proves that Obama is the one who wants the government shutdown. Even the Cosmos recognizes this!