I don’t know about you but I loathe the day I have to explain these times to my grandsons.

“Yes boys, my generation really did elect that (this) bunch of losers and I really did sit there and watch it all unfold.”

Geez. I dread it already.

Yep, someday I’ll have to admit that all this happened on my watch. It was my generation that put the worst collection of self-centered idiots at the helm of our once great country. Yep, we elected a clown that was supposed to be the great Uniter, but turned out a wanna-be king. A guy that couldn’t put two magnets together. And yep, I voted for a Republican party that couldn’t sell a life jacket on the Titanic or develop a strategy for constructing a sand castle.

I’m not even going to spend time here on Obama. He isn’t worth it. Besides, conservatives have seen him for what he was from day one so none of us are surprised. It’s our own side of the isle that is disappointing. They can’t find a consistent, coherent message to save their souls and for the life of me, I don’t know why. Obama is a sitting duck.

All the media is talking about is how the Republicans have such an indefensible position on the current shut down. Why there aren’t 10 capable people blowing that out of the water is mind boggling to me.

Every day Obama stands up and says Obama Care is settled law and he will not be extorted into changing settled law. Really? How settled was it when he delayed 17 deadlines? How settled was it when he unilaterally started granting wavers? How settled was it when he gave Cathleen Sibelius the power to sort out the details? How settled was it when they had to change it from NOT being a tax to it BEING a tax just to make it survive a Supreme Court Challenge?

Everyday Obama and that idiot spokesman of his deny that ObamaCare is costing jobs. How come someone isn’t holding a press conference somewhere with the names of thousands of actual companies that have either laid off , stopped hiring or cut hours just to survive ObamaCare?

Everyday Obama claims the healthcare industry embraces ObamaCare. How come no one is scrolling the names of hospitals with confirmed staff layoffs (IU Health -900 just this week), doctors going into early retirement and insurance companies going out of business?

Obama says he’s wants to talk; he’s flexible and accommodating – so long as the talks start and end with everyone accepting his rock solid, no negotiating positions.

Harry Reid says it’s the Republicans who are the mean and unreasonable guys. But they aren’t the ones referring to common Americans as terrorists, anarchists and extortionists. They aren’t the ones who, when asked, Why wouldn’t you allow child with cancer to be treated?, answered, “Why would I do that?”

And Nancy Pelosi isn’t one of us when she refers to everyone that disagrees with bankrupting the country as “legislative arsonists”.

Then there is Obama’s claim that raising the debt ceiling “doesn’t necessarily mean going into more debt.” This from the guy who has generated more debt than all the previous presidents combined?

Let us not forget that A.) Candidate Obama voted TWICE not to raise the debt ceiling and B.) The debt ceilings has been raised 17 times recently, and guess what, we went into deeper debt all 17 times!

And finally there is the truth of the matter about this whole default thing anyway. Namely, that failing to raise the debt ceiling translates directly into default. It doesn’t. It comes down to priorities.

We have enough tax revenue coming in to cover the interest on our debt. It just means we have to cut our spending somewhere else to cover the nut – and THAT is what no one wants to talk about, much less do.

Would it be painful to actually make cuts? Of course it would.
Would it be more politically painful then it had to be? Hell yes, Obama would see to that. He is already purposefully making the shut down more painful than it should be. Don’t think for a moment he wouldn’t torture us for daring to call his bluff. Just ask Dr. Ben Carson how much it takes to bring the Chicago thug out of our fine president.

In actual fact, holding the debt ceiling in place might be the best cure there is for re-aligning our economic trajectory. Yes, It would hurt like polio at first, but can you imagine making the government meet its financial obligations through real bookkeeping rather than the printing press?

When it’s all said and done I’d much prefer to defend the conservative position than the one Obama has painted himself into. We have a compelling argument to make; we just need someone with the guts to tell it, sell it and keep repeating it until even the Facebook generation hears it.

Failing that I’ll just have to wait for that inevitable day when I have to look my state owned grandson’s in the eye and say, “Yes boys, your futures died on my watch and I let it happen.”