America′s first Anti-President, Barack Hussein Obama, has decided to re-open the National Mall for a rally to support illegal immigrants. Despite the government shutdown, which prompted Obama to close the National Mall from actual U.S. citizens, including denying WW2 and Vietnam veterans from visiting their memorials, Obama apparently has found some extra cash to allow law-breakers to party on federal property. Obviously, Obama prefers those who hate America and seek to rob and destroy it rather than those who fought and sacrificed to keep our nation, and people, free.

national mall

Yes, this is your daily dose of Obama-bashing from yours truly! I was considering writing instead about last night′s episode of ″Hotel Impossible″, where our new hero, Ozzie the Bed-Bug-Sniffing-Dog, sniffed out bed bugs at a hotel in Florida. The place was losing money despite being within walking distance of Disney World due to its bed bug infestation and other problems. Bed bug stories are fantastic money-makers on the Internet, a tip for all you would-be bloggers out there. If I had a website dedicated to just stories about bed bugs and other pest control issues, I′d be rolling in the long-green due to the high prices paid by pest exterminators for keyword searches. Besides that, Ozzie was a cool dog and it is interesting that dogs trained to sniff out bed bugs are effective about 95% of the time.

Which is a damn sight more effective than El Presidente Barack Hussein Obama! The only effective thing he can do is take a nap during a crisis, like the terrorist assault on our facilities in Benghazi. When it comes to sleeping, slacking or just plain wasting our time, Obama is Number One. He does not even need his Choom Wagon anymore to be a lazy good-for-nothing bore! Though I am not sure Obama can have a career curing folks from insomnia, even though he is so boring he puts rocks to sleep.

So what do you think about Barack Obama opening the National Mall for a rally supporting illegal immigrants? Does it make you angry that Obama closed off the National Mall to ordinary citizens, including our military veterans from WW2 and Vietnam, denying them access to their memorials? Is this just another sign of how much contempt Obama has for American vales? Obama and the Democrats argue that the reason for the government shutdown is because the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare, is the ″law of the land.″ Why then are our immigration laws not being properly enforced? Are not they laws of the land, too?