The Department of Justice has closed the federal Amber Alert system website as part of the government shutdown. Apparently, Barack Hussein Obama′s chief henchman, Eric Holder, considers it non-essential. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama′s Let′s Move website is still being funded and is up and running. Apparently, the Obama administration considers obese children more important than those kidnapped and in immediate peril. Much like Harry Reid dismissed the need to provide children with cancer the drugs they need to stay alive. These are the extreme lengths which Barack Obama is taking to protect his precious pride and ego.

ambert alert shutdown

If there is one word to describe what is going on in the White House, it is disgusting! Yes! Obama is disgusting! I have never said that about any previous president, even Bill Clinton! The level of arrogance, intolerance and sheer stupidity being displayed by Barack Hussein Obama is simply amazing. Bad enough that he is an incompetent boob! Or that he is the laziest president in the history of the United States.

Obama and his minions continue to spread their web of lies throughout the friendly Media. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew made his rounds on the Sunday talk shows and was unable to answer questions like just how many people were actually signed up for healthcare insurance using the new Obamacare website? We know that in some states, such as Louisiana, nobody, not one single person, was able to obtain health insurance so far.

Lew also could not answer Chris Wallace from Fox News when confronted about the language Obama has been using, that it is unprecedented for Congress to hold up bills for raising the debt ceiling without some negotiable terms. The fact is that of the last 53 increases in the debt ceiling since 1976, 27 were passed only after some additional legislation was connected to the bills. In the case of the normal, federal budget bills, all have had some issue attached that had to be negotiated due to a government shutdown.

Obama is cherry-picking what to fund and what to close to persuade Americans to vote out GOP members of Congress. Major national parks and monuments are closed to the general public while other federal lands are still open for commercial enterprises, a necessity since about one-fourth of all federal revenue comes from leases such as oil royalties from federal lands.

So what can one say when the Department of Justice shuts down the Amber Alert system website due to the federal government shutdown? Missing children are not important to Barack Obama and Eric Holder. But Michelle Obama is kept happy as her federally funded website for Let′s Move is kept open. Perhaps when Harry Reid shunned children with cancer from getting needed medication and treatment last week, he did so because he knows that under Obamacare, the ′death panels′ would probably disapprove paying for the drugs anyway? Just as the federal government attempted to block an 8-year old girl from getting a lung transplant operation earlier this year. Obamacare will result in healthcare being rationed, there is no doubt about that! Kidnapped children won′t get any help now either, allowing for more medical and financial resources to be allocated to keep Liberals fat, dumb and happy!