On Saturday, the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill to give back pay for furloughed employees. Some 800,000 federal workers have been on furlough once Government Shutdown 2013 began. House Republicans continue their strategy of passing small bills to fund specific programs and agencies while Barack Obama now moves the goal posts and demands both a clean spending bill for all of government as well as an increase to the debt ceiling. Obama refuses to negotiate at all until such bills are passed. While the shutdown drags on it is barely noticed as it has little effect on most Americans. But the clock is winding down on the debt ceiling as the United States Treasury claims it will be out of money by October 17. Meanwhile, Obama continues to lie about his own responsibility for the impasse.

back pay for furloughed employees

For example, Obama said in a recent interview that he is flexible and has held back any political rhetoric towards House Republicans. Yet, his speeches are full of jabs and slams against GOP lawmakers. His refusal to consider any changes to Obamacare is also a sham, as he, himself, has already made 17 major changes to the Affordable Care Act, as well as approval of the some 740 exemptions which specific businesses and organizations have received. Given that the infamous Obamacare website has already been shutdown for maintenance after just four days of glitches and errors, it seems obvious that even after three years to prepare, the individual mandate will not be a smooth process to accomplish. Delaying it for one year, just as Obama has approved for employers, is the logical, prudent course of action.

The mess that is Washington, D.C. will not change any time soon so long as Obama continues on his path of refusing to negotiate with House Republicans. Will he and Harry Reid go along with the bill passed unanimously by the House of Representatives to give back pay for furloughed employees? Or will the 800,000 federal workers now furloughed by Government Shutdown 2013 be soon joined by even more as America runs out of money on October 17? Barack Obama now says he will not negotiate until Congress passes a clean spending bill and increases the debt ceiling. There seem little doubt that either will happen until Obama and Reid do start to actually negotiate.