In Washington D.C. a man set himself on fire in the National Mall on Friday afternoon. This, just one day after police gunned down an unarmed woman after she collided with barricades near the White House. Witnesses say that the unknown man was sitting on a grassy part of the Mall near the Air and Space Museum when he doused himself with gasoline and set himself on fire. Police acted quickly and the man was transported to a nearby hospital by helicopter with severe burns. No motive has been established as of yet, but it seems obvious that it was some form of extreme protest. After the shooting death of Miriam Carey on Thursday, one has to wonder if Barack Obama is driving the whole country crazy?

d.c. man on fire

While little is known about the man who set himself on fire Friday on the National Mall, we are being told more about Ms. Carey. The 34-year old dental hygienist from Stamford, Connecticut was apparently being treated with drugs for schizophrenia and postpartum natal depression Some say she believed she was being stalked by Barack Obama, while others say she thought that Obama had the town of Stamford under ′lockdown′ following the Washington Naval Yard shooting. One report claims that Obama was communicating with Ms. Carey using some form of radio waves or other psychic technology.

A story that may shed some light on the Thursday shooting event comes from the U.S. Army website. An exercise was being conducted called Capitol Shield 2014 which began on September 30 and ran through October 3, the day of the shooting. A joint operation among various law enforcement and security forces throughout the ′National Capital Region′, NCR, coordinates federal, state and local agencies through a joint operations task force headquarters.

The importance of this story is that the barricades which Ms. Carey ran into were temporary ones, set up as part of this training exercise. Even if she had only suffered from a mild form of anxiety, it would be easy to understand why she became confused and panicked when a swarm of Secret Service agents and other police forces descended upon her. Local residents have enough trouble negotiating the streets of Washington as it is, let alone somebody from out of town.

Does the D.C. man on fire at the National Mall story add to your fears that Barack Obama is driving America crazy? Are you surprised that the government and their allies in the Media are playing the crazy-card for Miriam Carey? Is there any excuse for why an unarmed woman with a baby in her car should be gunned down like a rabid dog? These are strange times which we live in and they appear to be getting stranger by the day.