Today’s Wall Street Journal had a quote from a senior white house official which seemed to get under speaker Boehner’s skin; “We are winning…It doesn’t really matter to us” how long the shutdown lasts “because what matters is the end result.” This sums up nicely, the Democratic attitude and Harry Reid’s “no compromise” position.

In a press conference later, Boehner responded to the quote by saying, “This isn’t some damn game!”

Well, Mr. Speaker, if this isn’t a game, why are you playing? If the president and Harry Reid have made it clear they do not intend to negotiate or compromise in order to end the shutdown, then accept them at their word, and stop angling for a negotiation. Just announce that you and a bevy of Republican lawmakers are leaving behind a skeleton crew of staffers, and returning to your respective states, to take your message to the people.

Spend this time wisely, hit the trail and start speaking at local town halls across America, and explain this to your constituents face to face. Let them know that the reason you are not in Washington working on ending the shutdown, is because this president and the Democratic leadership in the Senate, simply don’t want the shutdown to end.

Republicans sent a number of CR options to the Senate, they were all categorically rejected. They have sent a number of temporary funding measures to the Senate to keep parts of the government functioning and open, and the Senate has rejected those as well. Democrats have repeatedly made it clear that they believe this is a political game and they are winning. All Republicans have asked for, is a reasonable and rational discussion on the implementation of Obamacare, and you have been more than gracious and accommodating. It’s time to call their bluff and stop playing their game.

In another couple of weeks, the debt ceiling will be reached once again, and it will be time to fight that battle, so use that to your best advantage while you can. Stop playing this back and forth game with press conferences, and take your message to the people. They want to let the government remain shut down, fine… give it to them! It’s on them! They had every opportunity to work with you, to negotiate something, to come together for the good of the country, and they apparently felt it was more important to play games. Let them sit there in Washington for a couple of weeks, trying to explain this to the media, why there isn’t anyone around to negotiate with anymore.

I would make them totally own this in every way. No, it’s not a damn game, so act like it. They can’t manipulate you, sending their little spies out to catch Paul and McConnell talking candidly about the shutdown, if Paul an McConnell are back in their home states, stumping the constituency and explaining the Republican position. They can’t ask you daily what you are doing to work on ending the shutdown, because you aren’t there. They can ask the Democrats, who will have to embarrassingly admit they declined to negotiate, and you went home. Let them sit on this hot plate for a week or two, and then maybe they will realize as you have, that this isn’t a damn game.