The Sasquatch Genome Project announced on Tuesday that they have new Bigfoot footage on video, along with some 113 pieces of evidence, including Bigfoot DNA, proving that Sasquatches may really be wandering across North America. A leading DNA scientist for the project, Melba Ketchum, claims that her five-years worth of research is backed up by some 11 other laboratories, including the Louisiana Crime Lab. However, an official from the crime lab has stated that all they did was extract some DNA from bones that had been sent to them by the project. The research is led by Adrian Erickson, a Canadian who first saw a sasquatch at the age of 7. After another sighting in the Alberta forests nine years later, he has been focusing his life on finding hard evidence that Bigfoot exists. His current Erickson Project was first founded in 1995 as the Big Foot Research Organization, BFRO, and has been leading most of the sasquatch studies.

bigfoot footage
This photo from the Erickson Project allegedly shows a female Sasquatch sleeping in the woods. What do you think it shows? Image Credit: Sasquatch Genome Project.

So what do you think? Has the news of the latest Bigfoot footage and DNA samples convinced you that there are Sasquatches roaming about North America? How about this picture…?


Okay, so its Friday and this is an Open Thread. I′m tired of writing about the government shutdown and other political nonsense. Besides, I haven′t slammed Michele Obama in weeks. So feel free to comment about whatever is churning your butter. I′m focusing on Bigfoot today for no other reason than I′ve had enough of the lies coming from the White House. This morning I′m actually at a point where I have to question whether or not Osama Bin Laden was really killed? Maybe he′s sipping a strawberry frappe′ at some bistro in Dubai? Who can say? All I know is that absolutely everything Barack Hussein Obama has said is a lie.

For example, this nonsense he′s selling about how the government shutdown will hurt the economy. In 1996, during the last shutdown, our GDP growth rate was about 3.5%, double of what it is today. For a very brief period, about one month, the rate fell to just 3%. But, as soon as the shutdown was over, the economy roared back with a period of about 4 months where the annual growth rate was nearly 7%! The year finished with an average growth rate of 4%. So a government shutdown, especially one where the Republicans win by forcing a Democrat president to act responsibly, is a great thing for the economy!

I have less trouble believing that the news of new Bigfoot footage and DNA samples prove that they exist more so than anything Barack Obama says. The Sasquatch Genome Project, in my opinion, is a far more reliable source for truth than our White House is. I′ll take whatever Melba Ketchum says over Jay Carney any day of the week and twice on Sundays! The Adrian Erickson Project talks more truth than MSNBC commentators. There is more likelihood that Sasquatches roam North America than people getting discounts on Obamacare. So there it is, folks! Have a great weekend!