All of Washington DC stood still for two hours today as a dramatic scene played out on the streets while cable news channels hyperventilated about a possible terrorist attack. It turns out that the drama was entirely blown out of proportion, thanks in large part to what may be a colossal overreaction by Obama’s White House secret service security detail resulting in the death of a young mother.

Miriam Carey photo
Miriam Carey – Suspect or Victim?

What actually happened, apparently, is that there was a scene at a White House road checkpoint where guards surrounded her car, tried to block her exit by placing a portable gate behind her car, and leveled automatic weapons at the mom. She drove away in a panic which prompted many police and secret service cars to begin an entirely unnecessary high speed chase.

The frightened woman driver, who had an infant with her, reportedly ran several red lights to get away. She eventually collided into a police car and finally crashed her black sedan into a cement barricade. As the unarmed woman sat stunned in her family’s car, police fired dozens of rounds into the vehicle. They eventually succeeded in shooting and killing her while endangering the child and innocent bystanders nearby. The young woman’s name is reportedly Miriam Carey (photo above) of Connecticut (see more biography below).

The dramatic spectacle caused the entire Capitol Hill to be shut down.

The press has identified the woman as Miriam Carey, who is a 34-year old African-American dental hygienist from the nearby state of Connecticut. Her surviving child is just one year old. She may have been having some domestic issues that have left her distraught. We may soon learn that the Secret Service in Washington DC massively overreacted at the White House checkpoint, frightening her into causing a chain of events that led to her death. We don’t know the details yet but stay tuned.