The American revolution was fought because the Colonists felt Great Britain was subjecting them to tyranny. Specifically, they were taxing, regulating and governing them without representation. The Boston Tea Party that arguably lit the final fire was triggered by a tax on tea.

So what does tyranny look like today and how much more present is it today in comparison to the level that once sparked a revolution? Let’s see.

Today tyranny looks like Government:
– Dictating what kind of car we can buy based on fuel mileage
– Mandating what size soft drink we can purchase based on obesity rates
– Declaring it is unfair to require the same ID to vote that it takes buy liquor or board an aircraft but
its okay for a New Black Panther in full military garb to wield a weapon and tell white voters they are
not welcome at certain poling sites.
– Auditing you because you criticized the wrong political party
– Searching your home for firearms because you wrote an editorial about your president
– Labeling you a terrorist and anarchist because you resent having to live within a budget while your
government can’t
– When they choose which laws will be enforced and which will be ignored
– That requires a note from your parents to go on a school field trip but not to get an abortion
– Forcing you to pay for abortions when your faith demands you reject them
– That makes law for its people, then exempts itself from those same laws
– closing coal mines, regulating power plants out of business and costing you your job in the name of
unproven science theories
– spying on your phone, your computer, your satellite TV and your credit cards but refusing to tell you
– That believes it’s perfectly acceptable to have black history month, a black caucus, a black college
fund, and a black coaches association while it’s a civil rights violation to have “white” anything
– Funding liberal TV and Radio stations but not their conservative counterparts
– When it grants tax free status to liberal organizations but blocks the same status for conservatives
– That allows IRS officials suspected of wrongdoing take the 5th remain on the payroll, and allowed to
retire with full pensions while private citizens suspect of the same are punished, bankrupted and
– taking over hundreds of thousands of acres of private land to protect a snail
– Denying parents the right to select better schools for their children
– Demanding that kindergarten children sit through sex Ed classes
– Insulting Christianity while celebrating Islamic idealism
– Taking over America’s entire healthcare system by first claiming it was not a tax, then declaring it was
just it would survive a Supreme Court review

Get the idea?