Barack Obama is exasperated! Not by the House Republicans but by the GOP winning after Harry Reid told children with cancer to essentially drop dead! This latest news on the government shutdown came yesterday and signaled a victory by gaffe for the Republicans. Democrats tried to stay gaffe-free, sending Joe Biden away to prevent him from sticking his foot in his mouth. But Harry Reid is as brain-dead as Biden when he answered a CNN reporter′s question about a separate funding bill to keep the National Institutes of Health, NIH, running. Dana Bash, who may as well send her resume to Fox News now, asked the Senate Majority Leader why the Senate would not consider passing the bill even if it meant it would only help ″one child who has cancer.″ She went on ask if not passing such a bill playing the same game he accuses the GOP of doing? Is she right? If so, then have Republicans in affect won the argument?

harry reid cancer child

Not only is Dana Bash correct but the Senate has already set a precedent, approving a House bill to keep military personnel paid during the government shutdown. Obama even signed the bill, proving that the tactic worked. Reid′s response that the House does not have the right to pick and choose what programs to fund is ridiculous, since that is what the Constitution says! A document Harry Reid has never bothered to read.

So, now that the GOP has won the government shutdown battle, the question before us is how big a victory? Should we be magnanimous and offer a deal that allows Obama and the Democrats to save face? Such as, for example, eliminating all Obamacare exemptions, except for those in dire straits, repealing the medical device tax, and increasing the debt ceiling by $1 Trillion dollars? A ′grand compromise′ deal like that could play well with all sides. Barack Obama will have to rethink his position now thanks to Harry Reid and his gaffe about not caring about children with cancer. The battle has been won by House Republicans. Perhaps the other question before us is, do they realize that they have won? What do you think?