Hard to believe that after three years and some $370 Million dollars spent, the Obamacare site crashes on its first day? Not really! We are, after all, talking about a federal government project. Yes, the new website, HealthCare.gov was crashing left and right Tuesday as people tried to log in to access the Affordable Care Act. Millions of Americans, at least 2.8 million, tried to get on but many had difficulties. While House Republicans battle Barack Obama and his henchmen in the White House over Obamacare exemptions, most people are asking today why was the government not more prepared for the big roll-out? Should the NSA had done the work to design and set-up the Obamacare website?

obamacare site crashes

What else can you expect from the same bunch who are still claiming that the $540 Million dollars given to Solyndra was a success? Forget that we taxpayers might only see about $25 million recovered from that boondoggle. Given that we have been told that some 40-50 million Americans have no health insurance, one would think that the new website would have been set-up and tested well before hand to handle the deluge of visitors on the first day. But this is just another sign of things to come as Obamacare begins to destroy America.

The best part about the Obamacare site crashes is that it happened live on TV as the Liberal Media tried to demonstrate just how simple it would be to log in and get coverage from HealthCare.gov. Will those news anchors curse Barack Obama and his White House lackeys for embarrassing them? Will they blame the federal government for yet another boondoggle as millions of Americans fail to access the new website? Or will they just do the usual thing and blame House Republicans? Obviously, had Congress allocated more money to designing the site, all of the glitches would never had happened, right? Amazing how how schmuck on You-Tube can get 3 million hits from folks watching a video of some guy belching the alphabet underwater, while the brain trust in Washington cannot handle the same number. Your average 12-year old nerd can achieve more from a used tablet pad in 5 minutes than the eggheads in the White House can with three years and $370 Million dollars. Bring on the piano-playing cats!