The U.S. Federal government shutdown for 2013 went into effect at midnight is the latest news update. Attempts to eliminate Obamacare exemptions for members of Congress, the White House and staff failed as the Democrat-controlled Senate voted down the last two compromise bills from House Republicans. As well as the attempt by the GOP to bring fairness under the law to the Affordable Care Act by allowing for a one-year delay in the individual mandate, the same that Barack Obama gave unilaterally to businesses and other groups such as unions. The government shutdown of 2013 will not effect military pay as provisions have already been made. The overall impact of the shutdown will be minimal, effecting manly parks, monuments and museums. Some application services may be closed for a short time, but, as was the case during the last shutdown, they will eventually reopen in order to keep the backlog down. So why is the government shutting down and how will it effect you?

government shutdown 2013

The main reason for the government shutdown is the lack of leadership exhibited by America′s first Anti-President, Barack Hussein Obama. Together with Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-NV), they have refused to meet and negotiate with Republicans. The Democrats are the true obstructionists here, though you will not hear thus from the Liberal Media. The Obama propaganda machine went into a full court press the past week or so spinning their usual lies.

Evidence of this was heard on many fronts, including the C-SPAN ′call-in′ session after the second House vote yesterday. One trained, ′seminar-caller′ complained how Republicans want sick people to die. Another also rallied against the GOP, telling the host how she, a middle-aged woman from Oregon, lost her employer-supplied healthcare after the Crash of 2008 and later had a heart attack. Though unable to get the healthcare she claimed to need, she said she attended a conference at the United Nations! What?!?! If she can afford to fly to New York to attend a UN conference, she could obviously afford any medications, even a defibrillator.

Yes, Obama and his henchmen, especially allies in the Liberal Media, are working overtime to spread their web of lies. The NBC network is going to do a whole series on how to get on Obamacare! Bad enough they are lying about the impact of the government shutdown. The most inconvenience people may notice is not being able to access a webcam at the Smithsonian to watch a baby panda. Likewise if you were planning a picnic at Yellowstone, forget it. But fear not! The U.S. Mail is still going through as are your Social Security checks and food stamps.

Is the federal government shutdown of 2013 worth the effort to repeal and eliminate Obamacare exemptions? You betcha! Barack Obama complained again yesterday about how one faction of one party of one part of the government is causing all the trouble. That the Affordable Care Act is now the law of the land. Yet, Obama himself has already changed the law himself several times without any approval by either wing of Congress. Some might call that tyranny, especially since the changes benefited him in gaining political and financial support during his reelection campaign in 2012. Obama chided the Republicans for not doing anything to grow jobs or the economy. The best way to do both is to get rid of Obamacare! The ACA has already resulted in stunted economic growth as companies hire fewer employees and turn full-time jobs into part-time. Thanks to Obama and Obamacare, America now has more part-time workers than full-time. This is only the beginning of the train wreck.