October 1 is upon us, and it’s time for open enrollment in the Obamacare exchanges, which proponents are already admitting, are not yet ready to go online. The systems are not in place to verify and confirm compliance, monitor abuse or fraud, or to even address the myriad of logistical problems in implementing such a grand endeavor.

Nevertheless, liberal democrats are chomping at the bit to push us into this nightmare, laughing and chortling over any and all concerns about its implementation. Oh, we’re going to see, this will be the greatest thing ever! Finally, all people will have affordable health care coverage, and all our problems will vanish in thin air. I suspect, we won’t even have very many sick people anymore, just the assurance that Obamacare is there for them if they need it, will probably be enough to keep them well. Heck, people may even stop dying!

This is silly, of course, but it demonstrates the level of optimistic confidence the left seems to have. The really sad part is, the vast majority of Americans have simply not paid much attention to this. We live in a spoiled society that tends to be self-absorbed for the most part, oblivious to what is going on with government, until we have to face some reality. We have our hobbies and interests, and as long as nothing is preempting our favorite television show, we’re content with whatever, until it affects us personally. We are accustomed to being complacent, then reacting when we’re not getting what we want. And in a free market capitalist society, this has always been the way, because some capitalist is more than willing to appease our every desire and make us happy.

Just the other day, I was doing some shopping at the discount store. I came to the register to check out, and there was a man in front of me as I was next in line. A woman came up behind me, and stood there all of 30 seconds before lamenting “they need to open more registers!” Why? Because she was ready to check out NOW! The man in front of me was buying cigarettes, and the cashier asked to see his driver’s license, as it was store policy to verify his date of birth before selling him smokes. He yelled at her, “Don’t I look old enough to smoke, lady?”

Now, I am thinking to myself as I stood there with my few items, what in the world are these people going to do when Obamacare becomes a reality? When you have to wait for weeks to see a doctor, and all manner of personal information has to be submitted? When basic procedures like ct scans and MRIs are backlogged for months? When your heart surgery that both you and your doctor agree that you need, has to first be evaluated by a government bureaucrat to make sure it’s cost effective, and since they are so overwhelmed, it may take a few months to get approval. Is that impatient woman who couldn’t wait 30 seconds to be checked out, going to understand?

Americans are used to having someone we can complain to, someone we can bitch at and get what we want, a toll free number we can call for customer service. All of that goes away Oct. 1, when we turn it over to the government. Now we will be at their mercy, and we’ll get it when they get around to it, like at the tag office. You see, these glorious examples the left has given us, of backwoods socialist countries with nationalized health care, have populations who are conditioned to wait and don’t expect expedient service. Hell, some of them may wait in line all day to get a loaf of bread, and be thankful there was one left. Here, we’re bitching and complaining if some of the loafs are a little stale or they’re out of rye. We’re not used to having to wait, we don’t like not getting what we want when we want it. But all of that is about to change.

Liberals are going to discover that “affordable health care insurance” doesn’t matter if you can’t find health care service. On average, 60% of physicians say they will leave general practice when Obamacare is implemented. In some areas, that number is as high as 80%, and those who will remain, will no longer be accepting Medicare patients. Now, I guess we can mandate that they do, but we can’t force a person to be a doctor if that’s not what he wants to do. In any event, the number of doctors is sure to decline, while the overall number of folks seeking health care services is going to skyrocket. Supply and demand become crucially important here, but liberals don’t understand this aspect of economics, nor do they factor it into their plans. In their minds, everything stays exactly the same as it is now, except that all these new people are now going to be able to get affordable health care. It won’t cost much, we’ll just pay doctors what the government thinks they deserve, and they’ll be happy to see more patients for less money, because the doctors care about people and want to help.

This is a “trainwreck” and “nightmare” …those are words describing Obamacare from the people who wrote the bill and supported its passage. Howard Dean, the Chairman of the Democratic Party and a physician himself, says that Palin was correct on the “death panels” charge, that we will have a functioning board to make end-of-life decisions based on cost effectiveness, and we will have health care rationing as a matter of policy course. Congress has completely exempted itself and all Federal employees from participation in Obamacare, and the administration has issued countless “exemptions” for selected big business, mostly those who donated to the campaign. So this glorious and wonderful new health care system is apparently not good enough for the people who gave it to us, but it’s good enough for you and I.

This is an interesting (and Freudian) advertisement put out by the government to promote the new law. A lab rat, lamenting the “adorableness” of Obamacare! Get it? Because, WE are the lab rats now! We are all part of this grand experiment in socialized medicine, like it or not. Oh, that’s right, insurance carriers can’t impose lifetime caps anymore, nor can they deny coverage for preexisting illnesses, or anything else. But hey… this won’t mean the premiums increase, no way man! You see, the insurance carriers are like the doctors who are going to work for free, they will go along with this plan because they love Obama so much and want to see him succeed. I bet they might even be willing to just give everybody FREE health insurance, just because they care so much! Or maybe we can have a government mandate that they do so? But why worry? With the mere assurance that Obamacare exists, all the sick people will miraculously get well and never die! They are going to be just that happy, according to the liberals. You’ll all see! It’s all going to work just as they planned it, and the best part is, it will end up erasing our national debt! Oh yeah, that’s what they’ve pretty much promised, it is going to lower our deficit, and hey… over time, it will eventually erase the deficit and pay off our debt, it has to do this. You see, we won’t have sick people anymore, so everyone will be healthy and happy, and this will save us so much money we can’t see straight, that’s guaranteed according to the liberals.

Of course, when it all falls apart and ends in catastrophe, like most of us opponents know it will, they will simply lay the blame on mean old republicans and greedy capitalist corporations. When our health care system lies in shambles, it will be blamed on us mean and greedy bastards who didn’t ever support this idea. When people are dying in the streets because they can’t find a doctor, that will be blamed on selfish rich people who didn’t want to put skin in the game.