With a government shutdown looming at midnight tonight, the Senate is likely to reject the latest budget bill from the House which delays the ObamaCare individual mandate by one year, as well as plans to repeal the medical device tax. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid refuses to negotiate with House Republicans. The same is true for America′s first Anti-President, Barack Hussein Obama, who spent the weekend playing golf instead of trying to resolve the political disagreements. Seems that Obama is more willing to cut deals with Russia, Syria and Iran than with the GOP. He has already done an Obamacare delay for the employee mandate for one year, as well as continuing to expand the waivers and carve-outs for many groups and businesses. As the Senate does not begin its session until 2pm today, can lawmakers find a solution before midnight?

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The Sunday talk shows were full of the usual blame-game tactics. Republicans and Democrats each blaming each other for being obstructionists and unwilling to compromise. While many pundits point to divisions within the GOP over this latest budget battle, there does exist division within Democrats over key aspects of Obamacare. Many, including the ultra-Liberal Senator Al Franken, would go along with cutting the medical device tax. At least five Democrat senators, all up for reelection in ′Red States′, are willing to go along with delaying the individual mandate for one year. But Harry Reid may not even allow the latest House bill to be voted for.

Obama and his henchmen in the White House are banking on their allies in the Media to carrying the ball and paint Republicans are the evil ones, as usual. The hope is that by allowing a government shutdown to occur, voters will respond this coming election cycle and keep the Senate in the control of the Democrats and perhaps lessen the GOP grip in the House. Most polls do show that while a majority of Americans oppose Obamacare, they also oppose a government shutdown.

Will the House plans to delay and defund Obamacare succeed? The Senate is certain to reject or ignore the budget bill from Saturday that the House approved. With just hours to go before a government shutdown, all eyes will be on Capitol Hill today waiting to see if any back-room deals surface. Don′t hold your breath!