Two separate thoughts as I start this fine Friday morning and head for the weekend:

First, as the father of a son just graduating Indiana State University, I can only image the disappointment he is going to experience when he learns he could have gone to Brown University instead. I’m sure that will be the case when he discovers that while he was busy spending his time (and my money) on mundane topics like criminal justice, foreign language and business science, he could have been at Brown experiencing events like “Nudity in the Upspace”.

Advertised as “a weeklong program set to feature nude body painting, nude yoga, nude theater, and nude cabaret” he might well of seen that as a much more valuable use of his time than American history. Heck, he might even have taken in the special Friday bonus event, “”A Devised Piece of Nudity”. There, he could amerced himself in “personal student testimonies, movement, reflections, and more nudity.”

Yep. It’s almost assured he’s going to conclude he missed a far better college experience and wasted my money by attending a less “enlightened” institution of higher learning.
Meanwhile, on a more uplifting note; it turns out us right wing extremists and anarchists have friends in high places. For example, it appears that Politico is greatly concerned about the long term health and wellbeing of the Republican Party. They are apparently engaged in nearly endless hand-wringing over the infective influence of “wingers” who may well be leading the Republican party that they love so much into extinction.

Yah right.

Politico is not alone. Equally concerned is our good friend and loyal republican supporter, “Chucky-Cheese” Schumer.

Yes, we’re talking about New York’s famous DEMOCRAT senator, so well-known for his near constant efforts to reach across the aisle; That prince of a guy who is perhaps the last remaining “statesmen” in Washington. A man destined to be eternally recognized for his uncharacteristic demonstrations of legislative flexibility.

Just this past week Mr. Schumer leaped in front of cameras much like a selfless hero leaping to take the bullet, to plead for Republicans to address these newest suicidal tendencies of the opposition party. He felt duty-bound to express his heartfelt concern than unless Republicans find a way to cast off their right wing parasites, the party might not survive.

Oh, the shear horror of it all!

Lord help me! I don’t know which topic makes me want to hurl quicker; advanced nudity courses pride fully conducted on an American college campus or having to rely on the likes of Chuck Schumer to save the republic.

It really is a dark hole we find ourselves in these days. What’s next? Having to rely on the Somali army to save our malls?